Frank Lopez on Puerto Rico, Toxic Water, & FEMA Candy


In this episode, we caught up with Franklin Lopez of Sub.Media, a native of Puerto Rico, to discuss his recent trip to the island, the history of colonialism and how it has affected the Puerto Rican people, and the recent tragedy of Hurricane Maria. In our discussion, Frank talks about the impact of the storm, the response from the State, how people on the ground are dealing with the disaster, how anarchists and autonomous groups are organizing relief efforts, and about the recent revelations that toxic water from SuperFund sites are being distributed to those in need by authorities.

We then switch gears and discuss how Sub.Media is continuing full steam head, and will be releasing a new episode of Trouble at the end of this month, which will be on autonomous disaster relief. Frank and Sub.Media are also spearheading a program to buy in bulk water filters that people can use in streams and rivers. With fires raging in California and people still attempting to rebuild their lives in Florida and Texas, we hope that this episode inspires people to get organized and take action.

More Info: Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, Sub.Media Drive for Water Filters, Sub.Media General Fundraiser.

Music: Ricanstruction

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