Originally posted to It’s Going Down

Houston Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) and the Austin Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) held banner holding demonstrations in Texas over freeways. The events were held on August 10th, also known as Prisoner’s Justice Day. The day was commemorated by other groups, such as Atlanta Anarchist Black Cross in Georgia, who organized a noise demonstration outside of a local jail, and other IWOC affiliated groups.


These events are part of a build up campaign to build support and capacity around the upcoming US wide prison work strike, which is being organized by self-organized prison groups such as the Free Alabama Movement. The strike centers on a rejection of laws written into the US Constitution which allows prisoners to be worked for free or next to nothing. Prisoners argue that this is an extension of racial slavery, which creates massive amounts of wealth for private corporations and the US military.

Starting September 9th, prisoners will engage in work strikes and other forms of collective refusal against prison slavery.

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