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Feb 2, 17

Fremont, CA: Milo’s Bus Vandalized As Alt-Right Troll Laughed Out of Bay Area

It seems no rich-kid fascist is safe!

First, trust fund ‘fashy haircut’ and ‘meme to end all memes’ Richard Spencer has all the moles on his face knocked loose after seeing his favorite billionaire sworn into office. Then, hipster Nazis in Portland were literally knocked to the ground at a #MuslimBan protest. Then last night in Berkeley, people shut down Milo Whogivesafuck from speaking, where he promised to release the names and faces of undocumented students and demand their deportation (Milo himself is from the UK), on top of taking to the streets and sending one Neo-Nazi skinhead to bed early. We also just got word that in New York, “Proud Boys” supporting their Kool-Aid man Gavin McInnes had their clocks cleaned.

But wait, there’s more! It seems that someone also got Milo’s bus! In one hilarious tweet, someone outed the location of Milo’s tacky ass vehicle where he looks like Marilyn Manson from 10 years ago and said, “People, he’s not that cool. He’s staying at the Courtyard Marriot in Fremont. This is in the parking lot.”

It seems the tweet was too much for weak-ass Milo, and his employers at the Alt-Right website Breitbart wrote:

After the tweet was discovered, MILO and his crew were safely evacuated from the bus.

What a pathetic clown. For someone that was able to extend their shitty ass career to the age of 32, which included starting a company where he refused to pay the employees, mainstreaming both the Alt-Right and Gamergate, and harassing celebrities on twitter in an attempt at getting attention, isn’t it fitting that now Milo has to run in fear from the real life consequences of the fact that people fucking hate him?

Run Milo, run!

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