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Oct 15, 21

‘Latinos 4 Trump’ is Promoting a Proud Boy Rally Led by Violent Holocaust Supporter

Vishal P. Singh reports on far-Right rally being promoted by Latinos 4 Trump and headlined by Proud Boy brawler, “Tiny” Toese.

by Vishal P. Singh
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Gunfire, explosions, and bear mace bursts shook Portland in August after far-Right groups invaded the city and clashed with anti-fascist activists. The Proud Boys-led rally was on the one year anniversary of another violent political brawl instigated by, you guessed it: Proud Boys and other far-Right gangs— back on August 22nd of 2020.

Now; the same crew of right-wing militants are heading to the Los Angeles area this Saturday for a rally in Los Angeles. Portland’s Proud Boys are coordinating with California’s Proud Boys, with the help of various local militants and zealots from the Right. Violent DC insurrectionist Tony Moon and Latinos 4 Trump President Elsa Aldeguer are billed to speak at this rally. But they aren’t the only headline acts.

Central to both the August 22nd clashes in Portland, as well as countless other violent acts, is a Proud Boys leader by the name of Tusitala “Tiny” Toese. Tusitala, who goes by the nickname Tiny, has been charged with assault and violating his probation, and served 6 months in prison last year. He has a long track record of engaging in political violence, primarily in Portland and Vancouver.

Toese is the featured speaker for the upcoming rally in Los Angeles, which is being promoted as a direct follow up rally to what happened last August in the Pacific Northwest. Tiny Toese was also the lead organizer for the 8/22/21 Proud Boy rally, and host for the speakers. While most in the media focus on Tiny’s criminal record, his neo-Nazi rhetoric has been consistently downplayed or ignored.

On January 22, 2021: Tiny was in a group chat with other far-Right organizers. When the discussion became about Jewish people, one member denied the Holocaust. Tiny’s response? “Are you serious? [The Holocaust] didn’t happen? Then fuck it, what are we waiting for? Let’s make that shit happen! Round ’em up!” Others in the chat celebrated and laughed at this vile statement. Here’s the video of the conversation in question:

Despite thorough documentation on Tiny’s crimes and vicious bigotry; mainstream conservatives and fascists alike have been excitedly promoting this weekend’s festivities. Hollywood actor Nick Searcy, from the FX series Justified, was seen promoting the event on Twitter, even after being informed of the neo-Nazi vitriol from the organizers. It’s worth noting that most of the individuals associated with this event are fully aware of Tiny’s remarks already. Folks like Tony Moon are knowingly partnering with a Holocaust advocate.

Proud Boys activity has been spiking in Los Angeles, and there has been a wave of political brawls instigated by far-Right groups in the last few months. Law enforcement from both LAPD and LASD have displayed consistent bias in favor of the far-Right, even turning a blind eye to a double stabbing perpetrated by far-Right militants at the Wi-Spa clashes on July 3rd, 2021. If violence breaks out this weekend, it can be expected that Holocaust supporter Tiny and his miscreant allies will be given free reign to act how they please, no matter the consequences to the safety of the Los Angeles area and its residents.

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