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Oct 27, 16

IGD: Barricades Set Aflame As Police Move on Oceti Sakowin

Originally posted to It’s Going Down

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From Facebook: Picture of a security/DAPL worker truck in flames after security shot at protectors with automatic weapons.

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We out here! One protest a day keeps the #dapl away. #standwithstandingrock #nodapl #StopThePipeline #standingrock #insolidarity #ecojustice #beartempleproductions #rise

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Happening right now at the new 1851 Treaty frontline camp and blockade. There were buses full of LEO's, highly militarized authorities, and National Guard headed to new blockade. Some arrests have been made. Prayer circle led by the elders. Jamming signals. Sound bursts going off for extended amounts of time to make the Protectors uncomfortable. Armored vehicles. All this excessive and unnecessary force on PEACEFUL, UNARMED protectors. People who are fighting for our water and land. People who are protecting our future generations. People protecting our basic human and civil rights. The standoff in Bundy got more national attention as they overtook a wildlife refuge and were heavily armed BUT our peaceful protectors are their with prayer, presence, sage, and tobacco. This isn't justice. This isn't protection of the people. This is protection over corporate interests. Now ND police are depleting their emergency funds, from tax payer dollars to invest in this type of authority. WHERE ARE YOU PRESIDENT @barackobama, @whitehouse !? Where are you @lorettalynch !?! We matter. We are still here. This effects everyone. This pipeline poses many environmental threats on the water, the land and the people. Bismarck didn't want it because of the danger, so it was re-routed through Indigenous peoples land, and whose to say we can't have a future? We stand with Standing Rock! ✊? – – – – – – – – – – – #NoDAPL #MniWiconi #WaterIsLife #ProtectorsNotProtesters #ProtectTheSacred #PeopleOverPipelines #PowerOfPrayer #KillThePipeline #SaveTheLand #HonorTheTreaties #HonorTheEarth #RezpectOurWater #StandWithStandingRock

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The incursion has become. #nodapl #standingrock

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