On March 4th in Washington DC and across the US, an offshoot of the Tea Party, the Main Street Patriots, are organizing a swath of pro-Trump “Spirit of America” rallies. Many of these rallies will be attended by white nationalist, Alt-Right, anti-Muslim extremists, and far-Right forces in an attempt to show street level support for Trump at a time when his approval rating is drastically falling. While the Trump administration and his lapdogs at Breitbart and InfoWars have been promoting conspiracy theories of “paid protesters” and “false flags” which seek to demonize grassroots social movements, they have also been giving a free pass to the far-Right. This has led to a wave of acts of terror and an environment of fear. Today across the US, people are standing up and fighting back.


Richmond, VA




Washington DC

Saskatoon, Canada

Columbus, Ohio

Virginia Beach

Raleigh, NC

New York

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