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Feb 22, 17

IGD: Police Move to Evict Standing Rock

Police and sheriffs have moved into the main Standing Rock camp and carried out a series of violent arrests. Police have attempted to push the small amount of water protectors, veterans standing in support, and independent media out of the area and claim they will carry out a ‘clean-up’ of the camp which will include bringing in bulldozers, and push forward construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Police have also embedded mainstream corporate media like ABC in with them, while arresting livestreamers and non-corporate press.

Unicorn Riot has set up both livestreams and is putting out numerous updates from Standing Rock. We will continue to update this page as more information comes in.

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#Repost @misscbill with @repostapp ・・・ Grassroots reporter Toni Cervante was unlawfully arrested while filming on the safe zone area for news reporting at NoDapl Oceti Camp. All the while @abcnews stands behind Law Enforcement filming the water protectors and not the police. #abcnews #abcnationalnews #abc #donaldtrump #news #nodapl #dapl #standingrock #northdakota #dougburgum #waterislife #journalist #mortoncounty #police #dakotaaccesspipeline #media #news #headlines #freedomofpress #police #realnews #truth

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4:21 PM (Central Time), police continue to move forward, being aggressive and arresting people at random. Unicorn Riot reports that they are holding the line for a while then rushing the crowd, specifically targeting people. Mace canisters are out.

4:10 PM (Central Time), Unicorn Riot reports that police (largely Wisconsin State patrol) are moving into the camp, running after people, grabbing them, pushing them out of the camp. Livestream has been updated.

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