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Oct 11, 21

IGD Worldwide: Launch announcement & call for contributions

IGD Worldwide is a new initiative by anonymous comrades in multiple countries to foster better communication and awareness across geography, culture and language. We want to build understanding between different struggles facing common enemies– struggles arising from hearts that burn with desire to tear down the existing order.

For the overwhelming majority who do not benefit from the status quo, the endless crisis makes it easy to fall into depression and isolation. Sharing our struggles across borders helps to contribute to local resilience and resistance. It’s crucial to understand not only what we have in common but the differing contexts in which we encounter state and capital across the world.

In light of the growing consolidation of global repressive power, we are establishing this new forum for international news, both original reporting and sourced from elsewhere, translated into English as necessary. Our aim is to help those actively looking to fight this beast of global capitalism learn from and inspire each other.

We request your contributions of information and analysis on struggles against the state, capitalism, and all its appendages outside North America. Interviews, first-hand accounts, and less traditional forms of creative work are welcome. Our priorities are anti-colonial, anti-fascist, anti-state, anti-patriarchy and anti-capitalist struggles, especially the ways these interconnect. We hope to build on the longstanding work of “It’s Going Down,” extending the project’s reach.

For submissions, questions or information sharing, you can contact us at [email protected] You can also check out our twitter @igdworldwide. We’re hoping to expand across other forms of social media, although we’ve been hampered by those companies’ efforts to stamp out our perspectives.

We hope to hear from you as we begin building our presence as a new source of revolutionary information, our small contribution to a broader effort: to raise up and amplify the voices of people all over the world fighting the forces that seek to control, exploit and destroy us.

In Solidarity,
IGD Worldwide

email: [email protected]
twitter: igdworldwide

photo: Diego Marín via Unsplash

While you’re here, we need your support. To continue running the website, we need support from community members like you. Will you support It’s Going Down, and help build independent media? donate?

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Our goal is to extend the coverage of It's Going Down with content from outside North America, including reports, analysis and interviews. We aim to not only build awareness of anarchist struggle worldwide but to contextualize events for an international audience. We publish original contributions as well as syndicating and/or translating work from other websites and social media. Submissions are welcome! Email us at [email protected] We’re on twitter at @igdworldwide.

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