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Oct 10, 16

Building an Anti-Fascist Fighting Force in PA and Shutting Down the NSM

Originally posted to It’s Going Down
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On this episode of the IGDCAST, we talk with Central PA Antifa, a network of friends and crews across Pennsylvania that has begun to organize against a variety of fascist groups which have been operating in the area for several decades. This episode is also the second podcast on the subject of the white working-class and building up organizations, campaigns, and associations which not only create an anti-fascist and anti-racist pole within the white working-class, but also build bridges out to poor and working communities of color.


Central PA Antifa in this episode talks about their formation, which was pushed by decades of fascist and Neo-Nazi activity which have gained a foothold in the area and even led to one member (Steve Smith) of the local group, Keystone State Skinheads, now known as Keystone United, or simply KSS, to become an elected member of the local Republican establishment. We also spend a lot of time talking about guns, gun culture, ISIS, police killings, and various ways that people could build within both poor and working white communities and in communities of color.

We then discuss the upcoming mobilization against the National Socialist Movement (NSM), which is going to take place at the state capitol of Pennsylvania on November 5th in Harrisburg. Anti-fascists from across the East Coast and beyond are coming out to throw down against the NSM and local organizers are mobilizing to have legal, medical, and tactical support ready and on the ground. In short, November 5th is shaping up to be an important mobilization for anarchists and anti-fascists, and the topics discussed in this podcast will hopefully inspire wide discussion and dialog leading up to the event.

Music: Ceschi and Cistem Failure
More info on November 5th mobilization here and here.

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