International Anarchist Radio Broadcast


On Sunday 17th, February 2019, participants of the 5th Gathering of the International Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Radio Network currently taking place in Zürich, Switzerland will jointly produce 6 hours of live radio broadcast.

The broadcast will cover a wide range of topics from the perspective of anarchist and anti-authoritarian movements: presentations of local and international projects, different groups and struggles; discussions on current issues; announcements of upcoming protests, conferences, meetings, and bookfairs; radical music and much more! In addition to live material, there will interviews and pre-recorded statements from anarchist radio projects not able to attend the gathering.

The participating projects-radio stations, shows and podcasts, are from different parts of the world so it will be an interesting and politically relevant program! The program will be mostly in English.

You can listen to the online stream at the link below, and some of the local radio stations will also air it. Live anarchist radio broadcast will be on air of Radio Študent between 14:00 CET and 19:00 CET (8AM and 1PM EST/Turtle Island East Coast).

Stream: & rebroadcast at

Note: There is a CZN player at the bottom of the It’s Going Down site for ease.

A preliminary (meaning it will change as details fall into place) follows:

Slot 1:

Introduction: the a-radio network, the gathering, the hosting project and participating projects

Slot 2:

Report about from Asylo (Torino, Italy)

Repression against anarchists in Russia

Report on eviction of Klinika (Prague, Czech Republic)

J20 Trial – update

Slot 3:

Roundtable discussion: Repression – How to Fight It and Fight On

Slot 4:

Reports from ongoing Struggles from around the World:

– Manila, The Phillipines

– London, United Kingdom

– Rojava

– Paris, France

– Hambach Forest, Germany

– Caravan Valmapu traversing the territory currently occupied by states of Chile and Argentina

Slot 5:

Announcements of upcoming anarchist events


The broadcast will include a lot of music, jingles, an occasional poetry piece and other spontaneously produced material. Tune in!

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