Introducing Red Strings and Maroons Podcast


Red Strings and Maroons is a podcast about firearms and the history of community defense in the United States. The podcast in aimed at unearthing little know histories of resistance and how they can inform our modern organizing around community defense. Every other week we will release an episode with interviews on firearms, modern organizations engaging in armed community defense, or a little known history.

Alongside conversations about strategy, legal considerations, and the practicals of armed projects pushing for greater autonomy, expect discussions on drills, equipment configurations, how to segments, and all the other regular firearm content present on other podcasts, but without the reactionary elements found in modern gun culture.

The hope for this project is to make self and community defense more accessible to folks who are liberation minded. We have in many ways abdicated “gun culture” to the right and have also been denied the opportunity to learn because of how reactionary those spaces can be. We need our own space to safely learn from one another and exchange information.

Red Strings and Maroons is about claiming that space, equipping listeners, and grounding our understandings in histories which can inspire us without getting bogged down in endless talks about theory or sectarianism.

You can check out the podcast at or There is no paywall and all posts are open to the public. The podcast will be available on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher in the near future- check out the webpages mentioned or follow us on Facebook to be notified!

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