June 11th List of Events for Long Term Anarchist Prisoners


Every year, June 11th is marked by solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners, both in the US and across the world. With repression of social movements ramping up, the need for prisoners support is needed now more than ever. We cannot also forget those who have already spend years and decades behind the parts. They are in there for us, we must be out here for them. Below is a list of events being organized. If we missed one, be sure to email us at info [at] itsgoingdown [dot] org.

If there is nothing being organized in your town, you can still:

United States

Seattle, Washington (USA): Letter writing for prisoners

Olympia, Washington (USA): Film screening and benefit

Portland, Oregon (USA): Letter writing for prisoners

Las Vegas, Nevada (USA): Letter writing for political prisoners

Detroit, Michigan (USA): Letter writing for Marius Mason

Durham, North Carolina (USA): Letter writing for prisoners

Asheville, North Carolina (USA): Potluck and movie showing

Gainesville, Florida (USA): Fight Toxic Prisons Conference

Brooklyn, New York (USA): Letter-writing, benefit, and dinner


Mexico City, Mexico: Jornada Anticarcelaria


Helsinki (Finland): Support evening for prisoners

Melbourne (Australia): Letter writing & banner drop

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