Kite Line: The Attica Liberation Faction


Long running anti-prison radio and podcast show Kite Line discusses the Attica Rebellion, the National Prison Strike, and takes prisoner calls.

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This week we are honoring the anniversary of the Attica Prison Uprising of 1971. The current National Prison Strike began on August 21st, the anniversary of George Jackson’s assassination, and is slated to end in two days, on September 9th.

We have updates on the prison facilities across the country and their participation in the strike- including Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, New Mexico, South Carolina, Kentucky, Washington, and more. We will continue to share these updates as they come in.

September 9th through 13th mark the days of the Attica Prison Uprising, and as prisoners across the country are currently involved in their own struggles, we take an in depth look back at what took place at this time 47 years ago.

Please join us next week for a recap of the National Prison Strike, and updates from the inside, including other calls from prisoners currently inside the South Carolina and Indiana prison systems.

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Kite Line
Kite Line is a radio program devoted to prison issues around the Midwest and beyond. Behind the prison walls, a message is called a kite: whispered words, a note passed hand to hand, or a request submitted to the guards for medical care. Illicit or not, sending a kite means trusting that other people will bear it farther along till it reaches its destination. On the show, we hope to pass along words across the prison walls.