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Oct 5, 23

A Trans Activist Is Now Charged With Assault After Defending Children from Neo-Nazis in a “Stand Your Ground” State

On today’s episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with Leif, a trans activist in Northern Ohio who is currently facing assault charges after defending children and their parents from violent neo-Nazis and Proud Boys in Wadsworth, Ohio in March of this year.

Neo-Nazis with Blood Tribe rally in Wadsworth, OH

From Leif’s support campaign:

In March of 2023 a family-friendly drag show in Wadsworth OH was threatened by anti-LGBT protesters including Proud Boys, Patriot Front, and Neo-Nazis. Show organizers asked for volunteers to help protect the show and its attendees. Leif was one of many people from Central Ohio who answered this call for volunteers. On the day of the show, attendees and supporters were outnumbered nearly 2-1 by anti-LBGT demonstrators from all over Ohio. While escorting families out of the event, Leif was assaulted by anti-LGBT protesters who hit him in the head with a megaphone. Police stood by and allowed this to happen. Leif feared for his life and the lives of the people he escorted – including children and a person with a service animal – and he took swift action to end the attack. FOR THIS JUSTIFIED ACT OF DEFENSE HE IS BEING CHARGED WITH THREE COUNTS OF ASSAULT!

Do trans people have the same self-defense rights as everyone else? The law throughout the whole US allows a person to use force in defense of human life. Ohio is a ‘stand your ground’ state. This means a person has no “duty to retreat” and may use force in self-defense or defense of others, if they feel their life is in danger. The police and the state of Ohio have chosen to prosecute a trans man with criminal charges instead of the transphobes who assaulted him. We are going to fight back using any and all legal means necessary.

Leif currently has a trial date on October 24th and needs support. Donate to Leif’s support fund here and get more info here.

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