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Feb 25, 20

Mexican Supreme Court Stormed & Vandalized as Hundreds March Against Femicide

On Sunday, February 23, hundreds of women marched in the northern Mexican city of Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora, as part of a recent wave of militant women’s protests in Mexico against the growing rate of femicides and violence against women in the country.

The march began in front of the museum at the University of Sonora. From there, the group headed toward downtown, where they painted the streets and shouted against gender violence and patriarchy. Arriving downtown, they set their sights on governmental infrastructure.

The walls of the governmental palace were redecorated with graffiti. The march then made its way to the building of the Supreme Court of Sonora. There, the front doors were torn down, windows were shattered, walls were graffitied and court paperwork was burned to ash.

The action lasted no more than two hours, but the point was made clear. The women of Hermosillo, of Sonora, of Mexico in general, have had enough of the violent reality they face on a daily basis. They’ve had enough of the fear of getting in a taxi cab, or walking in a dark alley at night. They’ve had enough of being whistled at, groped and touched on public transportation. They’ve had enough of having their compañeras, daughters, sisters, aunts and mothers, raped and killed. They’ve had enough of a government that delegitimizes and mocks their very real concerns.

Women are leading militant protests in Mexico, and should serve as an example for the rest of Mexican society and the world. To take seriously the task of seeking out and destroying all forms of domination, we must take seriously the destruction of patriarchy first and foremost.

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