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Dec 2, 15

Mexico: Tijuana Painted for Black December

From Contra-Info
Translated by It’s Going Down

Solidarity means words and action, propaganda and anarchic practices, destruction, chaos, multifaceted attacks against civilization, its laws, its buildings, its speed, its chains. To us, solidarity is black and is a gesture of complicity between unruly and subversive individuals.

Answering the call of Black December, on the first night of December we wrote some graffiti on a building of their routine existence on Diaz Ordaz boulevard in Tijuana, Mexico, and reaffirm that we will continue to vandalize their property.

We know that the gestures of solidarity know no hierarchies and ours is a sincere message of strength to all prisoners prisoners, fugitives and fallen in the world.

We encourage other lawless individuals from these regions to spread propaganda and practice of Black December.

W send an accomplice greeting Carlos Lopez El Chivo, wherever you are, we send insurgent force and fire to light your way.

We do not expect the masses never!

December in solidarity everywhere and in every place!

Insurgent cell of chaos.



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