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Feb 19, 20

Milwaukee, WI: GOP Field Office Heavily Vandalized with Paint

According to Fox News, the windows of a new Republican field office was heavily vandalized with black paint. On Twitter, the Wisconsin GOP attempted to link the vandalism to Democrats stating:

What kind of intolerance can we expect to see when Democrats bring their convention to Milwaukee this summer?

The vandalism comes right as Trump has pardoned various white collar criminals close to him, pushed border wall construction through indigenous territories leading to the desecration of sacred burial sites, and proposed a new budget which calls for cuts to health care programs, food stamps, and social security in order to provide more money for the Pentagon’s war budget, the so-called “Space Force” program, and border wall construction.

Far from being a bulwark of “resistance” to Trump’s policies, the Democrats have instead been a rubber stamp on Trump’s crippling attacks on the environment in the service of the fossil fuel industry, his drive to roundup and deport millions of working-class migrants, a project which has been orchestrated by white nationalists such as Stephen Miller, and a mass transfer of wealth from the working-class into the hands of wealthy elites in the form of tax cuts as a means of keeping the economy afloat.

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