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Oct 4, 17

Minnesota Remembers Scout Schultz: Abolish All Police

We remember Scout Schultz with love in our hearts and fiery passion for continuing their work.

Scout’s murder was premeditated by the violent policing apparatus that operates on our campuses and is enabled by liberal institutions in the name of “safety”. Let us be clear, there can be no safety at our universities while there is a publicly-funded, armed gang that roams our campuses providing security to fascists, protecting rapists, harassing and killing queer, disabled, indigenous folks, and targeting people of color at large. Our campus lies on stolen native land, and as young, queer radicals we stand in solidarity with the struggle of Scout Schultz and their comrades in fighting for communities and space free from the brutalizing capitalist security apparatus that binds us. Through community self-defense and mutual aid, we’re building the networks of support and resistance that enable us to fight back. Minnesota nice is for comrades—not cops and their sympathizers.

Rest in power Scout. This ain’t over.

Please share and contribute to the legal fund for those arrested protesting Scout’s murder.

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