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Jun 27, 22

Modesto, CA: Pro-Choice Protesters Confront Forced Birth Celebration at Church

Report back from protest outside of a church celebrating the rolling back of reproductive freedom in Modesto, CA.

On the evening of June 26, around 20 pro-choice demonstrators gathered outside of Calvary Chapel in Modesto, CA in response to an event hosted that evening by the church, “Thanking God for the Overturn of Roe v. Wade.” This comes just two days after the controversial landmark ruling by the Supreme Court to undo Roe v Wade and allow states to restrict reproductive rights.

While the churchgoers were inside, the church had security in yellow vests riding around the parking lot on bikes and in golf carts. Aside from one security guard instigating a brief shouting match as demonstrators marched by, there was initially little interaction with the crowd.

The protestors (who were told early on that the police would be called if they entered the church property) marched to the corner of the church just off of Pelendale avenue with picket signs such as, “Women Won’t go Back. We’ll fight back” and, “Fuck the SCOTUS,” as well as an upside down American flag that was spray painted with, “Fuck your theocracy.”

Eventually, the police were called in response to demonstrators sitting on the stone sign where they were gathered, but no arrests were made.

Once church got out, the churchgoers were met at every exit of the parking lot by signs and chanting. Protestors chanted, “Abort the Court,” and “No Church, no State, only I decide my Fate.”

One demonstrator read out bible verses that called for the murder of children, asking the churchgoers if that sounded pro-life to them. Eventually, the church closed all but one of the exits. Some of the cars attempted to use the other exits in an attempt to avoid having to face the protestors as they drove by, but ultimately had to turn around and go by them anyways. As the cars began to dwindle in the parking lot, the protestors went home.

This demonstration was a quickly organized and could be easily replicated across the Valley and beyond. All it takes is putting out a flier, getting a group of friends together and spreading the word. Small actions like this are necessary for building larger movements with the capacity to fight larger battles while also strengthening bonds with people in our communities.

It’s important that in times such as these we band together and push back against the forces that would see us submit to their authority. It is also essential that this doesn’t end here. While the need to resist the worsening conditions of late-stage capitalism is essential, we must also push towards an even better future, one without capital and the State.

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