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Feb 21, 20

Montreal, QC: Declaration from the Saint-Lambert Blockade as Police make Eviction

The following statement was issued from the Saint-Lambert blockade right before police carried out an eviction. Originally published on Contrepoints Media.

Whether or not the colonial police dismantle this blockade violently and with contempt, others will grow in its place. As long as Trudeau refuses to listen to the hereditary chiefs, as long as the RCMP occupies Wet’suwet’en territory, as long as this failed pipeline project is not cancelled, the colonial canadien state will be totally paralysed.

To all those who care about the future of the next generations, to all those who care about the water, the earth and the life, to all those who respect indigenous sovereignty : it is now time to act.

Respond to the call from the hereditary chiefs.

Block by all means the ports, bridges, roads and rails. Everywhere. Now.

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