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Jan 17, 18

Neo-Nazis On 4Chan Ready New Poster Campaign to Target Women’s Studies Departments on January 21st

Cover photo: An Alt-Right flyer posted up on top of an African-American studies bulletin board in South Carolina.

Neo-Nazis and Alt-Right trolls organizing on Discord and 4chan are planning to follow up the spread of flyers and memes featuring the saying, “It’s Okay to Be White,” with newer anti-immigrant posters and stickers on January 21st. The It’s Okay to Be White campaign, which started on neo-Nazi message boards, was embraced by Swanson fortune heir Tucker Carlson and Alt-Lite so-called “Merchant Right” Z-list celebrities like Milo Yiannopoulos, Lucian Wintrich, and Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman.

Already trolls on online forums have been sharing photos of flyers and stickers placed up across the US, many of which featuring explicitly racist slogans and promoting various neo-Nazi organizations.

A call to arms on 4chan.

Trolls, both posting on 4chan and within Discord chat rooms, claim that they are planning on pushing flyers on the night of January 21st based largely around the hashtag, #mybordermychoice, and plan on specifically targeting women’s students departments, feminist professor’s offices, and university campuses in general. Other hashtags that are being promoted on 4chan to be placed on posters and flyers includes: #NoMeansNo #MeToo #KatesWall #KateSteinle #MigrantsDay.

The flyers come as the Alt-Right and neo-Nazi groups are attempting to capitalize on the recent racist “shithole” comments made by President Trump as well as the drum beat towards massive raids on migrant people across the US. Another theme is attempting to capitalize off of the tragic shooting death of Kate Steinle, a young woman that was shot in San Francisco when an undocumented homeless man found a gun on the ground and when he picked up the cloth it was wrapped in, caused it to fire and richotte, striking and killing Kate Steinle. While the shooter Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, was found not guilty of manslaughter, he was found guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Both various Republicans including Trump and Alt-Right groups have used Steinle’s death as a wedge and a talking point against migrants, sanctuary cities, and to argue for mass deportations. Agencies such as the DHS have also pushed faulty data and reports while pumping up the fear of ‘violent prone migrants,’ which has in turn been parrotted by mainstream media outlets, such as Fox News. 

Discussions on Reddit and 4chan about the poster campaign.

On 4chan, one poster wrote to instruct the troops:

“Posters go up on Jan 21st at night on campuses & public spaces. The next day we grab the popcorn. Bonus points for feminism related areas. Women’s and gender student depts. feminist clubs. office doors of feminist profs. etc.

To redpill normies on immigration (especially women) by subverting feminist slogans. Also to trigger the left into exposing the depts of their utopian insanity & hatred for whites…

Jan 21 is the earliest Sunday night when most students & profs will be back from the holidays. Sunday night is best because it’s quiet for putting up posters and it’s only – 10 hours til people will find them on Monday., so low chance of someone removing them.”

They went on to write that the posters should not be put up on Martin Luther King day on January 15th, due to the threat of “bad optics.” They write, “so the date had to be changed to Jan 21. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise.”

Despite this request, other posts on the corresponding Discord chat forum posted photos of flyers featuring Swastikas and promoting neo-Nazi groups, as some members showed off their ongoing activity off-line.

“Black Lives Don’t Matter” reads one poster in a Discord chat. Another poster promotes Atomwaffen Division, a violent neo-Nazi group tied to various murders.

“Death to Refugees” reads one sticker.

Flyer on top features several of the new hashtags being promoted by neo-Nazi trolls on 4chan, and sits above another poster which features Kate Steinle.

People looking to put a stop to Alt-Right and neo-Nazi organizing in their communities, schools, and workplaces should organize themselves and let their friends know of the plans of these groups to get up posters on the night of January 21st, and beyond. Let local women’s departments and others on campus know of their plans, and talk about how people can respond as a community. As we all know, the police and campus administration are not on our side, and are more scared of people organizing to defend themselves than the neo-Nazi and Alt-Right trolls who celebrate and promote genocide and mass murder.

In the past, people have gathered together in groups to carry out patrols of various areas, come together to take down neo-Nazi flyers and stickers, and also put up some of their own materials to create a sense of community defense and solidarity.

If you’re looking for resources, CrimethInc. has made some amazing pro-migrant and anti-border posters and stickers here. You can also check out our collection of antifascist, anti-Trump, and anti-Alt-Right flyers, stickers, and posters here (see the bottom).

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