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Jan 6, 17


From Nightfall
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So it has now been nearly eight months since we first began planning this paper and six months since the first issue came out. We started this project because we felt that there might be others like us who do not buy in to the consensus of the liberal establishment here in the Land of Ten Thousand Non-Profits that all we need to do to liberate our lives is to get together in large numbers and tell those oppressing us to stop.

We hoped that a newspaper would give us some space in which to scheme with those like-minded others. Since then we have found that at least some people are in fact actively engaging with what we have been writing, which has been gratifying but also terrifying. Not only because now the pressure is on to write articles worth reading, but also because now we have no excuses for staying home and grumbling when it seems as if everyone else in the world is content to ask for a single cop to be jailed, a single pipeline to be stopped, or a single president to be overthrown when what we want is a world with no cops, no pipelines, and no presidents. But if we can’t make excuses anymore than neither can you. We’re out here, and there will only be more of us as time goes on.

January 2017

Table of Contents:

– Autonomous Organizing in the Age of Trump

– Supporting Each Other in the Age of Trump

– Reflections on Standing Rock

– AgiTater Tot

and more!



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Nightfall is a micro print newspaper from Minneapolis, MN focusing on localized resistance from an agitational lens.

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