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Jan 10, 17

No Honor Among Trolls: ‘The Right Stuff’ Gets Doxed By Their Own ‘Movement’

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There’s been another round of doxing at the extreme alt-right podcast The Daily Shoah, and this time, we can thank the sectarian insanity of the alt-right movement itself.

It all started when Red Ice Radio hosted a discussion with the pseudonymous “Reactionary Jew” asking if reactionaries Jews had any place in the alt-right. Many meme hardened Nazi keyboard warriors were angered that the question was even being considered, and took to the alt-right Internet to denounce Red Ice’s capitulation to the Jewish agenda. Some regular posters from the 504ums (the private forum of The Right Stuff, home to The Daily Shoah, Fash the Nation, and our old pal Ghoul) took the side of Red Ice in the face of these attacks.

This was enough to set off a trollstorm on other boards, leading to TRS heavies, including Mike Enoch (founder of TRS), Seventh Son, and Bulbasaur, to be roundly accused of being soft on Jews and gays, of using message boards to “shill” for their own site (based simply on a few folks having shared some links), and of course, of being secret Jews or gays themselves. This touched off a puerile feud between boards, consisting mostly of idiotic trolling, immature accusations, and denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

TRS was given an ultimatum: apologize on the air, or face a doxing. As defiant screencaps from the 504um were leaked by TRS insiders onto other sites, Bulbasaur from TRS allegedly responded to a dox threat by daring people to try it. They called his bluff. When the dust settled, two prominent hosts of The Daily Shoah, including Bulbasaur, had been doxed by their own white nationalist “comrades.” This release of info also comes as another prominent Alt-Right celebrity, Millennial Woes has reportedly fled Scotland after having their information released as well.

Millennial Woes, another recently doxed Alt-Right podcast personality.

This childish spectacle once again demonstrates the shocking lack of seriousness, discipline, and solidarity in the alt-right ‘movement,’ and highlights that behind the occasional window-dressing of political sophistication, many of these pseudonymous goofballs are basically just internet trolls who almost always seem to be alone or in very small groups where they live, talking heaping piles of shit while never mobilizing any kind of effective street presence.

While this is may be latest reminder that the majority of racist pepes and anime nazis are mostly internet nerds LARPing from the safety of anonymity, this does not mean they aren’t dangerous – TRS podcasts have over 100k weekly listeners, and on Sunday, some from their ranks joined members of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party, Soldiers of Odin, and the National Socialist Movement for a White Lives Matter Rally in Chicago.

But despite their influence and fascy fame, their anonymity does make them vulnerable in a way more committed White Nationalists are not. While he has prophesied the day when anonymity will no longer be necessary, Mike Enoch, the choochy pseudo-intellectual who effectively leads TRS, carefully conceals his identity as he goes about his life in New York City, working in an unidentified Manhattan office as he preaches hatred to a massive audience all over the world, unbeknownst to his coworkers and neighbors. Enoch admitted on a recent episode of TDS that he skipped the public portion of Nazi Dork Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute conference altogether out of fear of being photographed by Antifa. Since getting red-balled on Friday, Van “Bulbasaur” Bryant has already deleted his social media, including his movement accounts, and messageboard chatter holds that, like Cooper “Ghoul” Ward, we won’t be hearing much from him for a long time.

However, it is worth noting that in his first TRS radio appearance since being doxed, on Sunday evening’s Fash the Nation, Jesse Dunstan (still calling himself “Sven”) cutely joked about playing the song “Bjorn in the USA,” instead played a Mathematic the Waves tune, listing his band on the show’s index. In contrast to Bulbasaur and Ghoul being driven off the Internet and very likely off of TRS, we could be dealing someone preparing to live as an open Nazi in Fishkill, NY.

This also demonstrates the vulnerabilities that are internal to the movement itself, if we can even speak of it in the singular. TRS is of course more strategic, sophisticated, and cohesive than the anything goes septic tank of much of the Alt-Right (which to be clear, is not difficult), but the sheer amount of traffic between the two boards shows a common root in trolling culture that revolves far more around memes, “lulz,” and pathetic messageboard egotism around anonymous cults of personality, than any conception of building a mass movement. The fact that other boards would, with the support of moderators, put their supposed comrades in the alt-right movement in such danger over a petty dispute demonstrates how profoundly unserious they are about the realities of the politics they claim to have, to say nothing of the kind of debate and diplomacy they would have to engage in if they were remotely serious about bringing their politics into fruition. And it does seem that TRS, and definitely Richard Spencer, are pushing a softer line on issues of homosexuality, and trying to scale back some of the more violent rhetoric around the Jewish question (a great irony for a podcast called The Daily Shoah, to find itself the voice of reason, which points to just how extreme the rhetorical posturing of the younger, trollier deplorables can be), largely on strategic grounds. This divide has lead to recent debates about “purity spiraling,” essentially pitting practical movement-builders, on the one hand, against both maximalist purists unconcerned with strategy, and also the pure nihilists, on the other.

Again, these shortcomings, and the general delusion of all parties, doesn’t mean they are any less dangerous, only that they are particularly vulnerable. Specifically, on an anonymous boards drama is easily stirred, and yet quashed with great difficulty. The evidence that much of the accusations that preceded the doxing were fabricated was shouted down by a hysterical mob; everyone who spoke up was a “TRS shill.” It’s not difficult to see how this weakness could be used by folks hoping to cause havoc for the alt-right. It is worth mentioning in particular that the questions of Judaism and queerness are causes for immediate nuclear war, as we see in the splits on the national stage between Milo Yiannopolous’s “alt-lite,” and the dedicated Nazis. Long may it last.

Both of these doxes are very fresh, and if Bryant’s terrible security culture around his TRS username is any indication, there may be a lot of clues just lying around that we can use to shine some more light on these disgusting people and force them to finally reckon with those they weekly advocate shoving into an oven.

Note: TRS Ringleader Mike Enoch is still un-DOXed.



Name: Van Bryant II

Age: 29

Address: 2904 RIVERBEND DR, NASHVILLE, TN 37214 (

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TRS Author Page: (matches his personal Instagram handle, now deleted)

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Employment: Twitter bio says Corrections Officer. Only a handful of places he could be working in his area. Also on supposedly on active duty in the Tennessee National Guard.


Catchphrase: “Put ‘em in the oven!”

Real Name: Jesse Craig Dunstan, also known as Jesse Bjorn, Jesse C. Densten

PIPL profile:

Age: About 37

Location: 7 Addison Rd., Fishkill, NY

Movement Twitter:

TRS Author Page:

Shitty Band:

Facebook album of Jesse’s band Mathematic the Waves (

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