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Jan 24, 22

Noise Demo Outside Landlord’s Home as Station 40 Threatened with Eviction in San Francisco

Anonymous report on recent noise demonstration in support of Station 40, an anarchist house and social center in the Mission District of so-called San Francisco, California, which is currently being threatened with eviction. Originally posted to

Station 40 is an anarchist house and social center in San Francisco that has provided a space in the Mission District for eighteen years. In March 2020*, Station 40 went on rent strike, joining thousands of households all over the world that were unable or unwilling to pay rent due to the pandemic.

Now, even in the face of ongoing crisis, temporary local moratoriums have expired and evictions have resumed. The State has put forth a limited rent relief program in order to bail out the parasitic landlord class and get people to go back to work and paying rent. As was stated when the rent strike started two years ago, “we refuse to be exploited.” Station 40 will not take this path of bread crumbs, and is instead choosing the path of squatting, occupation, and everything for everyone. Friends of Station 40 are calling on all friends and comrades to help defend the space and join in the struggle.

On Sunday, January 23rd, over twenty supporters of Station 40 held a noise demo at the residence of the so-called landlords’ house in San Francisco to let Emanuel, Ahuva, and Barak Jolish know: if you come for our house, we will go to yours!

Hands off Station 40!
Down with landlords!
Abolish rent!

-Friends of Station 40

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