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Jan 15, 19

On Year After #OperationPUSH: Next Steps in the Struggle

Update on the struggle around #OperationPUSH, which emerged at the start of 2018 in Florida prisons.

Last year today, you and your organizations joined over 160 groups who signed on in support of #OperationPUSH demands, adding your voice to FL prisoners demanding dignity, justice and a recognition of their continued humanity despite convictions.

Since the national prisoner strike of September 2016, prisoners across FL have been throwing consistently down against the FDOC administration as part of an international movement to end prison slavery. From major uprisings to the daily acts of defiance in defense of human dignity, prisoners in FL have captured headlines and inspired solidarity.

We are taking a next step in that struggle, bringing in power from supporters outside to cancel prison labor contracts with government agencies. Will you join us again?

On Jan 22, we will pack the Alachua County Commission in defense of their decision to end their contracts with FDOC slave labor. Details here:

Even if you can’t make it out on Jan 22, you can send commissioners an email right now to help us build momentum, by using and sharing this link:

You can also help by spreading this FAQ on Ending FL Prison Slavery far and wide:

In solidarity,
Fight Toxic Prisons
Occupy Prisons GNV

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