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Jan 9, 17

Philadelphia: Anti-Authoritarian Assembly

From Philly Anti-Capitalist

A second post-election assembly has been called for this Saturday. This is an opportunity to hear about new and ongoing projects, report back on events, share information and deepen analyses and strategies as we prepare for Trump’s inauguration and move forward into the new year.

Since this is an anti-authoritarian assembly, it will not provide a platform for political parties. Additionally, the assembly will not provide space for discussions of political or economic reform. Displays of oppressive behavior will be confronted and opposed.

This assembly is not a decision-making body. It is a space to increase coordination, communication and discuss what we would like to see in the future.

This is an open assembly, please help maintain a culture of security, as we cannot promise a cop and snitch free environment.

LAVA is a wheelchair-accessible space (with a small ramp to enter) and has an ADA approved, gender-neutral bathroom.

Saturday, January 14
LAVA Space
4134 Lancaster Ave

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Philly Anti-Cap

Philly Anti-Cap exists to promote and spread anti-authoritarian events and ideas as well as facilitate communication between anti-authoritarians and anarchists in and around Philadelphia. We hope that this site can be used to further preexisting struggles and dialogues, we encourage you to comment, discuss, and send us submissions.

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