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May 3, 18

Philadelphia, PA: Anti-Amazon Banner and Flyers Dropped at Whole Foods

As in other cities, Amazon was targeted this May Day. For more information on why people are rejecting Amazon and its world, go here. The following anonymous communique was originally published on Philly Anti-Capitalist.

This banner was dropped during the afternoon on May Day at the Whole Foods on South St. As the banner outstretched, we also dropped around 500 of these fliers to let those below know that the unification of Whole Foods and Amazon is just another insidious step in Amazon’s attempt to monopolize and control our lives entirely.

Whole Foods rests on a reputation of ‘fair’ pay and flexibility, community and support; but like all work, actually encourages a culture of alienation, domination, self-policing and snitching on your coworkers to maintain a false sense of security.

This was also a shout-out to Amazon and Whole Foods workers, and an encouragement to all to drag our feet more, take more breaks, and lie to our bosses.

We see through the thin facade and are against the greenwashed neo-liberalism that is Whole Foods Market.

Fuck all jobs, fuck Amazon, steal pay, steal candy.

Text from the flyers:

It’s 2018, and the dystopian future we have feared is here. Cybernetics, misery and boredom are fully integrated into our lives… Amazon is a monopoly on our day to day activities, relations and desire Amazone wants to recreate this world as a sterilized and monitored wasteland, with no privacy and no free will. We reject their world. We want freedom. We want joy. We want life without measure. FTL (A) FTP

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