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Jan 22, 20

Pickets, Graffiti & Banner Drops Mark #StopLine3 Day of Action

Roundup of actions on January 17th, a day of action against Line 3 in the Midwest. Originally posted on Life Without Line 3.

A message of gratitude to everyone who participated in any sort of action against Line 3 this past weekend! We received word of close to a dozen actions across 6 different states, ranging from banner drops to graffiti to rallies to a reading group, and many took to social media to echo the call to #StopLine3, including a surprising amount who had never heard of Line 3, confirming the need for even more inspiring acts of propaganda and subversion in the future. Clearly these are still small steps towards the defeat of this pipeline and the creation of a world beyond colonialism and extraction, but by beginning in the here and now, from our own lives and experiences of the violence of this system, we build momentum towards something truly different. Solidarity to everyone fighting extraction projects across the world, especially the truly inspiring actions seen north of the border in support of the Wet’suwet’en. Stay tuned for further ways to participate in the struggle to stop Line 3.

Chicago, IL: Graffiti spray painted around the city.

Eugene, OR: Graffiti slogans spray painted.

Evansville, IN: Banner hung at the Ohio riverfront. The banner was hung adjacent to Vectren headquarters, an energy company whose subsidiaries are involved in Line 3 construction.

Lansing, MI: Banner hung at the state capital building.

Minneapolis, MN: Graffiti slogans spray painted.

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"Hey can I get uhhhhhhhhh, a world without pipelines?" #burgerking #kurberbing #stopline3 #mniwiconi #waterislife #mplsgraffiti

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Minneapolis, MN: First meeting of a decolonization reading group, discussing Vine Deloria Jr.’s Behind the Trail of Broken Treaties.

Minneapolis, MN: In near-whiteout conditions, dozens rally in downtown at rush hour atop bridge over the Mississippi River, which Line 3 crosses twice.

Minneapolis, MN: Wells Fargo bank tagged and splattered with paint.

Oakland, CA: Graffiti slogans painted.

St. Paul, MN: Rally at newly opened branch of Chase Bank, funder of Line 3.


Minneapolis, MN: Posters against Line 3 spotted on January 14th.

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Posters put up around #Minneapolis ahead of the #StopLine3 day of action!

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Minneapolis, MN: “Stop Line 3” posters spotted on January 8th.

Minneapolis, MN: “Stop Line 3” graffiti spotted on January 7th.

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Someone got started on the J17 week of action against Line 3 a little early! Give @waterislifej17 a follow ??? #waterislife #mniwiconi #stopline3

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During this same time period, actions took place around Turtle Island in solidarity with the call to defend Wet’suwet’en territory against Coastal GasLink. It’s Going Down has helpfully summarized the incredible response to this call here. Across the ocean, occupants of the zad, a bocage in France defended for many years against a recently-canceled airport project, began rebuilding housing structures previously destroyed by police. The same weekend, protests continued to explode in Lebanon, which has seen consistent unrest for months now. While none referred explicitly to the need to stop Line 3, we nevertheless see them as different manifestations of this same desire to reinventing our lives beyond colonialism and capitalism.

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