Portland, OR: Antifascists Mobilize On Anniversary of the Murder of Mulugeta Seraw

Reflecting on 11-13-17 the 29th anniversary of the death of Mulugeta Seraw. For those that don’t remember Mulugeta was brutally murdered by Nazi boneheads in SE Portland. Yesterday was the 29th anniversary of his death. Two sides of Portland came out in response. Patriot Prayer members and their allies including a Nazi bonehead marked this day by a banner drop equipped with the racist dog whistle phrase “It’s OK to be White” also with at least one confederate flag, and a Nazi bonehead that was armed with a Nazi knife with a visible swastika. We are used to Patriot Prayer storming pride events, bringing Racist speakers to town, and allying with Nazis at rallies, but yesterday was a new low, even for them.

In contrast members of the Portland community came out to honor Mulugeta Seraw by holding a candle light vigil, and a peaceful march through the neighborhood with a marching band. A speaker reminding what happened to Mulugeta, a little about his life and who he was opened the vigil. Mulugeta Seraw and the countless others that have died at the hand of the festering hate is why we fight.

While the Patriot Prayer allies gathering was a reminder of the hate that still exists here, the vigil gave hope that our communities can and will band together in mutual aid and defense of each other. Mulugeta Seraw, you will never be forgot, nor will we forget the countless others. Rest in power.

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