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Jan 18, 17

Portland, OR: Fast-Food Chain Burgerville Union Busting Against IWW Organizer

Submitted to It’s Going Down

As many of you know, on Friday January 6th, union leader Jordan was suspended and accused of violating company policy because his manager gave him a bagel with cream cheese and forgot to ring him up for it. It is clear from the communications Jordan has received from HR, and the fact that he has been left off the schedule for two weeks, that Burgerville is considering firing him. Jordan expects to hear word sometime this week. In response, we are calling for a picket to be held at the Convention Center Burgerville on Wednesday, January 25th at 6:30pm before the Lakers-Blazers Game.

Last week, Burgerville Workers Union called on supporters to pick up the phone and call Burgerville Corporate (360) 694-1521. Let them know that the community stands with Jordan! Let them know that retaliation for union organizing is unacceptable! Tell them that we demand Jordan be taken off suspension and paid for days missed!

In the lead up to the picket, people have taken action to show solidarity with Jordan. Burgerville doesn’t want people to know that they are retaliating against union workers and they definitely don’t want people to know that workers at Burgerville have no protections against being fired for any reason. Even minor infractions that are usually overlooked can get you fired if management wants to get rid of you.

But the IWW knows what to do with things the bosses don’t want people to know! We soapbox! On January 16th at multiple stores supporters of the BVWU went into Burgervilles with megaphones to tell customers the truth about Burgerville! Keep standing with the BVWU to protect workers!

On January 9th, Jordan, his coworkers, and supporters from the IWW visited corporate to give them a replacement bagel and 70 cents, and to inform them that an Unfair Labor Practice has been filed with the National Labor Relations Board about this obvious case of retaliation against union members.

For more information, go to Burgerville Workers Union page here.

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