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Sep 19, 19

Printable Outreach Materials for Climate Strike Actions

Tomorrow, mass actions will kick off around the world as part of a global Climate Strike. While there is much to be critical about these actions and the organizations calling for them, as others have argued, this is also an opportunity for autonomous rebels to intervene within them. What follows is a collection of outreach texts, flyers, and booklets you can download and print out.

The Wrong ICE is Melting, The Wrong Amazon is Burning: No Government Will Save the Planet for Us

A collaborative short text from CrimethInc. and It’s Going Down attacking the idea that government is a vehicle that will force the capitalist system to bend to the needs of the population. Argues that direct action is needed to fight climate change and lists a variety of examples.

Download PDF Color Flyer

Download PDF B/W Flyer Here

Strike Back for the Climate

Double sided hand out flyer that argues for a direct action approach to fighting the climate crisis and offers up some ideas about how to push forward such a movement.

Download PDF Flyer Here

Welcome to the Future: Essays on Climate Change

A collection of short essays from anarchist Peter Gelderloos about climate change and what an anarchist world after the fall of industrial capitalism might look like.

Download PDF Zine Here

The Climate is Changing: False Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Short zine from CrimethInc. that argues against false solutions to climate change offered by either the State or “green capitalism.”

Download PDF Zine Here

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