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Jan 4, 19

Proud Boys Upset One Of Their Most Famous Members is Rallying in Support of the Nazi Who Killed Heather Heyer

It’s a sad case of butt-holes being ashamed of their shit folks.

Trump supporter and Proud Boy Jovi Val, (Proud Boy Elders claim he is no longer a member but aren’t specific when this became the case), known for attending MAGA events such as the “Mother of All Rallies” in DC and appearing on Sean Hannity’s and Gavin McInness’ programs, on Saturday is organizing a rally in solidarity with the true victims of America – neo-Nazis!

Val is most known for helping to plan and organize the pathetically attended second Unite the Right rally in Washington DC along with former Proud BoyDaily Caller correspondent, pimple covered man-goblin hybrid and white nationalist, Jason Kessler. Besides organizing the deadly Unite the Right rally, Kessler is second best known for being humiliated on a white power livestream after his father literally physically removed him from his own room. As all goyim know, “Parents just don’t understand.”

But seems that Unite the Right #2 wasn’t enough for Val, as on Saturday, January 5th, Val is organizing a rally in support of James Alex Fields, Jr., the Rise Above Movement, and other neo-Nazis that are facing charges steaming from killing and trying to kill people. If only we had a law and order President that refused to enforce the laws! We need justice!

According to Idavox:

According to reporter Ford Fischer, Valle wants to hold a rally somewhere in Washington, DC in Lafayette Park – the location of that “Unite the Right Rally 2” event last summer – in support of those he says are “the men and women who put their lives on the line for freedom and liberty.” And who might those men and women be? Well, they would include Fields, now serving the rest of his worthless life in prison for the murder of Heather Heyer, the members of the Rise Above Movement, for going around the country assaulting people who aren’t down with their brand of neo-Fascism and was in Charlottesville, and of course, the Proud Boys who were arrested for attacking antifa in NYC while their founder (but doesn’t want to be called leader) Gavin McInnes was inside the Manhattan Republican Club mocking the killing of a Socialist leader in Japan over fifty years ago.

The laughable flyer for Jovi’s event shows four people wearing red MAGA hats being hit  with clubs and even a police officer shooting a Trump supporter – because, yeah, that happens! Such a fantasy fits into the narrative the far-Right wants, that they are the real victims, (it helps to explain why they suck so much), even at the hands of the State. In reality, the far-Right is firmly supported by the police and the Trump administration and given free reign to engage in excessive violent behavior. Meanwhile, in a statement, the Proud Boys leadership (also known as the Pterodactyls of the Elders of Dick Cheese by 5th degree Proud Boys and above) has supposedly “disavowed” the event, writing:

We hear it’s about the NYC9 [the group of Proud Boys and skinheads who beat up antifascists] who were unfairly charged with felony riot simply for defending themselves. Ok, you still got me. Then we hear the guy who killed Heather Heyer got too hard of a sentence and a group of Nazis called The Ram 5 [neo-Nazi group known for working with Proud Boys and who attended Unite the Right] are also who the rally is for.

And if it’s written on Proud Boys Magazine it must be true right?

Despite the disavowal, Jovi, who is also non-white, (go figure) continues to be welcomed into a variety of “New Right” (think Alt-Right meets flat earth but lamer) and “MAGA” movement crowds, such as at the Mother of All Rallies event in DC and wherever fine Q-anon conspiracies are sold.

Gavin McInness (left) interviews lie lord Laura Loomer, as well as Sal Cipolla (who attended Unite the Right #1), amd Jovi Val.

People in DC are actively mobilizing against the rally. On Facebook Smash Racism DC wrote:

They are not welcome in our city. Let’s tell them, “DC means Don’t Come!” Meet up at 11 AM on Saturday, Jan 5 at McPherson Square Metro station, and march to Lafayette Park to stop the Proud Boys from spewing Nazi hate.

See the Facebook event here.

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