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Jun 27, 22

Report Back: Anti-LGBTQ Protests in Central and South Jersey Flounder

Report from Jersey Counter – Info on continued antifascist opposition to attempts by anti-LGBTQ forces to harass and attack events during Pride.

As reported by Jersey Counter-Info earlier this week, Ron Lazar and other transphobes threatened to attack two different Pride events, in Red Bank and Atlantic City respectively. Ron and other transphobes have been consistently harassing and trying to attack regional Pride/queer events throughout June, but have been met by opposition from the local community.

The first event on the morning of Wednesday June 22nd at the Red Bank Public library, was of particular concern to the local community and antifascists, as Ron and others had specifically targeted a drag performer at the event by name.

Antifascists on the scene were able to secure the event and ensure attendees safety. They were also able to surveil the event and discovered that Ron, who insisted he was going to show up in person, was actually nowhere to be found. Only three transphobes showed their faces for the duration of the event, and stuck closely together. You can see them pictured below.

Bizarrely, these unidentified women purchased t-shirts to compliment their sad homemade signs. While their clothing is as absurd as it is hateful, it shows that they have some level of organization and planning along with showing the legitimization of right wing attacks and bigotry against queer people.

If you recognize any of these women please submit details on their identity and places of employment to Jersey Counter-Info.

The second pride event, which was also threatened by Ron and other transphobes took place the following day Thursday June 23rd, at Noyes Art Garage in Atlantic City. Antifascists were also able to be on the scene and surveil the event. Through the leg work of antifascists and local community connections on site, it was discovered that despite very public threats against queer people, attendees, and performers, that no transphobes or other chuds like White Lives Matter showed up to disrupt the event.

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