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Sep 25, 23

Report Back: Antifascists Turn up the Heat on Mark Kauffman and Sara Sheaffer

Report on antifascist outreach campaign alerting a community in North Philadelphia about active neo-Nazis. Originally posted to Jersey Counter-Info. 

Regional antifascists have been exposing the identities of local neo-nazi crew S14, for the last several months. So far five of their members have been unmasked and there has been an on the ground push to confront S14. Specifically antifascists have targeted leaders Kauffman and Sheaffer’s in North Philly, where they live. This left Kauffman visibly shaken and resigned to bitching in the S14 public telegram account, in the days after it was reported to Jersey Counter-Info.

Kauffman’s frustration and fear however are only getting worse, as antifascists have started an indefinite ongoing campaign against he and Sheaffer in North Philly. As of mid September, antifascists have hit Kauffman and Sheaffer’s neighborhood at least three separate times talking to community residents, business owners, neighbors, and distributing community alert fliers.

As time passes, more and more residents are becoming aware of Kauffman and Sheaffer’s presence in the neighborhood and their status as neo-nazis.

Community members have also been given extra fliers on several occasions to distribute and post up on their own.

Antifascists have also been heavily focusing on the block of E Wishart that Kauffman and Sheaffer live on, connecting in person with their neighbors.

At this point Kauffman and Sheaffer may still believe that if they do damage control and keep to themselves they can quietly live their lives. The reality of situation couldn’t be further from this. With each passing day more and more community members are becoming aware that neo-nazis are living among them and the targets on Kauffman and Sheaffer’s backs are only getting bigger.

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