Report Back from Louisville ARA: Matthew Heimbach Goes to Jail


Goodnight, sweet prince. Louisville Anti-Racist Action (ARA) reports on their warm send off to white supremacist leader Matthew Heimbach, who now will begin a stint in jail for assaulting his former partner.

The Backstory: In July 2017, Matthew Heimbach walked down a sidewalk outside the courthouse in Louisville, KY lined with 50 anti-fascists dressed in black who then followed him into courtroom 203. After several hours and an attempt at having the case dismissed, claiming criminal intimidation by ARA, he submitted an Alford plea court in Jefferson County, Kentucky for the crime of physically assaulting a black woman at a Trump campaign rally in March 2016.

At that time, he was sentenced to 90 days to be probated for a period of two years, anger management classes, and volunteer work. His time was to be probated pending that he have no further interactions with the court and no further engagements at political rallies.

The Affair: He was in clear violation of his probation when attending rallies in Virginia, Tennessee, and Michigan, where he was caught on video engaging in street violence and assaulting an interracial couple in Tennessee. However, his behavior in March 2018 is what triggered the Jefferson County Attorney’s office in Louisville, KY to ask the judge to revoke his probation.

After Heimbach’s wife, Brooke, found out about his affair with Jessica Parrott, the two set a plan in to motion for Jessica’s husband, Matt, who is also Brooke’s ex-stepfather and TWP second in command, to find out about the affair. Is that confusing? See the flowchart below for clarity, but yes, Heimbach was having an affair with his step-mother-in-law.

Parrott was lured by his stepdaughter to look in a window to catch Matthew and Jessica engaging in what the court referred to as “in flagrante delicto.” Heimbach was alerted to Parrott’s peeping tom behavior when Parrott fell off the box upon which he was standing. At this point, Heimbach assaulted Parrott, and then his own wife, landing him a spot in the Paoli jail for a few hours and a charged with one felony and three misdemeanors: strangulation, intimidation, battery and domestic battery committed in the presence of a child.

The Demise of the Traditionalist Worker Party: Heimbach was released on bond, and he and his lover skipped off into the sunset together with Matt Parrott’s “premarital van” and credit cards, while their respective spouses filed for divorce. The scandal caused Parrott to disavow the white nationalist movement, and for Heimbach relinquish his title as the leader of the Traditionalist Worker Party. Schisms occurred, Nazis broke off in to factions, and their movement has been essentially confined to the internet. Parrott was called a “cuck” by his previous fans and “comrades” and the TWP brand was disposed of in favor of The Nationalist Initiative.

The Sentencing: This brings us to May 15, 2018: the day where 30 anti-fascists filled a courtroom and watched Matthew Heimbach, after his great fall from Nazi grace, be handcuffed and sentenced to 38 days in the Jefferson County Jail. He arrived late, but in the meantime anti-fascists from Kentucky and Indiana had plenty of entertainment while Matt Parrott waited outside the courtroom in full Chad Bloc. Parrott was approached several times by the victim’s advocate from the Jefferson County Prosecutor’s office and submitted a written statement about the incident in Paoli to the judge. He seemed extremely uncomfortable with the anti-fascist presence and his lack of nazi pawns for security. He made several attempts to use the restroom, unsuccessfully.

Heimbach was kept behind closed doors, with police protection, right up until his moment to shine in court. His attorney made arguments on his behalf, and finally resigned to the idea of Heimbach having to serving time. He requested that Heimbach serve 38 days of his 90 day sentence with the remaining days to be probated until July 2019. He stated that he understood that he would be serving the time with no chance of home incarceration, shock probation, or early release. He was handcuffed by the bailiff, and as he was taken into custody he looked at the courtroom and thanked us for coming.

No, thank you, Matt and Matt, for an entertaining morning.

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