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February 27

Revolutionary Organizing: Black Rose Interview with Revolutionary Left Radio

The following is an interview with Revolutionary Left Radio and the Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

Revolutionary Left Radio is a top source for discussion of radical left politics and ideas and is unique in hosting guests from a range of political ideologies and organizations that you won’t hear anywhere else. We were humbled to be featured on their most recent episode, “Revolutionary Organizing,” discussing our ideas on revolutionary political organization, relationships to social movements, state power, feminism and more.

The two members of Black Rose Anarchist Federation interviewed are Jen Rogue and Servio. Jen Rogue is based in Austin, Texas and is active around healthcare, feminist and queer social struggles. Her writings on feminism, queer politics and intersectionality can be found here and here. Servio is based in Providence, Rhode Island and is active in student struggles, the Anti-Criminalization Committee of Black Rose as well as the IWW and it’s Incarcerated Worker Organizing Committee. He was also one of the editors of the Black Anarchism Reader.

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Black Rose Anarchist Federation

We are an organization of revolutionaries who share common visions of a new world – a world where people collectively control their own workplaces, communities and land and where all basic needs are met. A world where power and participation flow from the bottom upwards and society is organized for peoples’ aspirations, passions, and needs rather than profit, racial prejudice, patriarchy, or imperialism; and where we live sustainably with the planet.

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