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Jun 14, 18

Solecast: Anarchist Movement Building with IGD

It’s Going Down was lucky enough to talk with hip-hop artist Sole on the Solecast podcast. The interview focuses on building mass self-defense, expanding land defense struggles, building autonomous resilience projects, bringing in new people, and addressing major contradictions within society that the State refuses to. 

Listen and Download HERE

Today’s Solecast is an in-depth discussion with an editor from It’s Going Down.

IGD just launched a new anarchist news podcast called “This is America,” which is meant to be a short, every-other-day digest of anarchist analysis and activity. Check it out.

In this episode have a wide ranging discussion about what anarchist and anti-authoritarian resistance has looked like under Trump and potential paths for the future. We talk about lessons learned from J20, Standing Rock, Prison Strikes, Airport Shutdowns and more.  We talk about the things anarchists have done with disaster relief, anti-fascism and pipeline blockades. We discuss certain modes of resistance that people might be interested in replicating, whether it’s anarchist student groups, unions (like the Burgerville union), or The Black Rose Federation in LA helping to organize resistance against ICE Deportations. We also talk a little about media and ideology.

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Podcast for revolutionary hip-hop artist Sole; features artists, organizers, and revolutionary thinkers.

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