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Aug 23, 23

Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners: A Message From Occupied Ohlone/Miwok Territory

Report on gathering in solidarity with anarchist prisoners in so-called San Francisco. Originally posted to

On August 21st 2023, approximately 20 people gathered in San Francisco to write letters in solidarity with imprisoned revolutionaries, liberationists, insurrectionists, and anti-colonial warriors facing state repression around the globe. In commemoration of both BLACK AUGUST and INTERNATIONAL WEEK OF SOLIDARITY WITH ANARCHIST PRISONERS, people came together to read zines, share food, stories, and discuss the cases of numerous anarchist prisoners.

At the end of the night, a small group of comrades dropped a banner over the 101 freeway in San Francisco, declaring solidarity from the Bay Area with anarchist prisoners everywhere. We encourage others to please take action this week; whether in the form of writing a letter or dropping a banner – “Every sincere effort is as special as every human life.”

Love to all imprisoned anarchists! In the U.S. gulags, we send love to: Bill Dunne. Xinachtli. Eric King. Jennifer Rose. Jessica Reznicek. Michael Kimble. Sean Swain. Sofia Johnson. Hybachi Lemar. Marius Mason. Oso Blanco. Victor Puertas and all other anarchists struggling from within the belly of the empire.

Beyond occupied Turtle Island, we send our love to: Francisco Solar and Mónica Caballero. Aldo Hernández Valdés. Giannis Michailidis. Jorge “Yorch” Esquivel, Thanos Xatziagkelou and Georgia Voulgaris. Alfredo Cospito. Fotis Daskalas. And all others fighting internationally against the state in all forms.

FREE ALL imprisoned land defenders and water protectors. FREE ALL prisoners of the George Floyd uprisings. FREE ALL prisoners of the Black Intifada and Ferguson uprisings.


Love to the comrades Krystal and Peppy, their community and loved ones.

Love to our fallen comrades. Vengeance for Tortuguita and every anarchist lost to the state. Knife to the throat of fascism—nothing but hate for 12

San Francisco Solidarity Collective /
Colectivo de Solidaridad de San Francisco

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