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Aug 14, 20

Some of the Same Nazis Who Marched to “Unite the Right” Are Now Promoting Saturday’s Rally at Stone Mountain

Update on the mobilization against white nationalist and neo-Confederate groups at Stone Mountain in Georgia. More info here.

Three years ago today, white nationalists and their far-Right allies rallied in Charlottesville, Virginia. The event ended in gang beatings by white supremacists and a vehicular attack that left Heather Heyer dead, with dozens more wounded. Now, one “Unite the Right” attendee is among the key promoters for far-Right rallies at Stone Mountain outside Atlanta this Saturday. A second organizer for August 15th is a white nationalist who claims to have marched in “Unite the Right 2,” the dismal sequel to UTR held in Washington, DC the following year.

Chester Doles, the leader of north Georgia far-Right group “American Patriots USA,” has spent the last month promoting the upcoming armed rallies at Stone Mountain. In his several decades in the racist movement, Doles has led both a Klan group and the state chapter of a neo-Nazi organization. Doles attended Unite the Right in Charlottesville, 2017 with members of the Hammerskin Nation, a violent white supremacist gang. In his latest “American Patriots USA” organization, Doles pretends to have changed his ways but continues to circulate white power propaganda and keeps other white supremacists at the core of his organization. On Monday, Doles wrote that “War drums are pounding” in advance of the Saturday rally.

A different white nationalist, Jan W Dupree of Florida, has been organizing with the “Confederate States III%” (CSIII%) who are behind one of the main calls to action for August 15. In the private Facebook group for CSIII%, Dupree has stated that he was one of the participants in 2018’s “Unite the Right 2”, a low-attendance rally in Washington, DC designed to get white nationalists back in the streets after 2017’s catastrophic protest. Dupree spreads antisemitic propaganda in the CSIII% private group with approval from militia leadersand has also been promoting the event on Stormfront, a long-standing racist message board linked to more than one hundred murders.

On Monday, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported that despite the brags of far-Right organizers, Stone Mountain Park authorities had denied any permit for an armed rally. However, organizers behind the “Defending Stone Mountain” event insist that they have a permit. Since Park authorities refuse to communicate directly with the public, irresponsibly veiling their decisions in secrecy, out-of-state white supremacists will likely still travel in numbers for the Saturday rally.

In the aftermath of 2017’s “Unite the Right,” large anti-racist protests took place throughout the country and white nationalist events were swamped with counter-protesters. This demoralized the racist movement. The lesson of “Unite the Right” is that violence and murder are the inevitable result when white supremacists are allowed to grow. With racists once again trying to take to the streets and spread intimidation, the FrontLine Organizations Working to End Racism (F.L.O.W.E.R.) coalition calls on our communities to stand up against them. Join our diverse coalition this Saturday at 9AM in downtown Stone Mountain and stand against racist terror.

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We are a diverse coalition standing together to fight organized hate. Organizing against the KKK at Georgia's Stone Mountain Park on February 2nd.

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