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Feb 24, 22

Spencer Sunshine on the Continuing Intersections of the GOP and the Insurgent Far-Right

photo: @VPS_Reports

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we caught up with long-time antifascist researcher, author, and activist Spencer Sunshine, to speak about new developments on the far-Right and how insurgent paramilitary and white nationalist groups are continuing to make common cause with the Republican party in a post-J6 world.

During our discussion, we address the recent protests in Ottawa and the push to organize similar convoy protests in the US, the embrace of the white nationalist Groyper current by a section of the Trump wing of the GOP, a return to the streets by explicit neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic groups, and the ascendancy of COVID-19 conspiracies and resistance to vaccines as a common thread linking the insurgent far-Right.

Sunshine argues that antifascists need to continue to apply pressure, organize, and take the streets, engage in broad coalition building in rural and conservative regions being targeted by groups like the Proud Boys and also strategize and prepare for the coming terrain that will be shaped by the upcoming midterms and 2024 election.

More Info: Spencer Sunshine on Twitter and on Patreon.

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