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Mar 5, 17

St. Louis: Spring Prisoner Newsletter on Inauguration, Vaughn and Beyond

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Some folks in STL recently sent out a new prisoner newsletter. Contents include a never before seen firsthand account of the J/20 DC anti-inauguration riot, information about the Vaughn Rebellion and some prisoner letters in response to the last newsletter.

From the Introduction:

With the rise of Trump, there has also been a rise of a new form of American politics, calling itself the AltRight. This is a ill-defined collection of groups that tend towards a more extreme right position. Almost always aligning themselves with a white supremacist ideology, filled with racism and misogyny (the hatred of and prejudice against women).

These racists have gained power by exploiting the fears and anger of poor working class white Americans, who have either struggled from pay check to pay check, seeing their hard work amount to still living in poverty, or have been excluded from the work force and sat by unemployed looking for a way to make it in this world. Or even though they may not live in poverty, they fear any change in the white supremacist status quo. Trump and the Alt-right has focused the blame for these hard times on immigrants, Muslims, Black people, Brown people, “illegals.” It is more important now more than ever to confront these lies.

When you step back and look at the big picture, 95% of the ruling class, the bosses, the property owners and the politicians that make the decisions that keep the poor poor and the rich rich are white. And the ruling class pushes white supremacist ideology to keep poor whites from realizing that, their enemy isn’t other poor people of color, or immigrants or Muslims, but is actually the white people in power, and white supremacy itself. The fact that factories have moved overseas, and people have been forced to immigrate to the USA, is and always has been the fault of the business class, not the immigrants or people of color. So, while these racist fuckers have gained a seat in power, it’s time for us to get organized across racial lines and fight back against white supremacy, capitalism and the state that keep us divided and oppressed.

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