“The Stakes Are Higher Now”: A Conversation with CrimethInc.


In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we again talk with someone from CrimethInc. as we look back at 2018, both in terms of how Trumpism played out in the streets and in the halls of power, and how anarchists and other autonomous rebels responded. If you aren’t familiar, CrimethInc. is a long running anarchist media collective that for decades has produced beautiful and amazing books, magazines, texts, posters, stickers, and more. In recent years, CrimethInc. has become a clearinghouse for both national and international reporting on autonomous social movements and revolts from the Yellow Vests to the Arab Spring. For the last several years, we’ve sat down at the end of each year to talk about what all has happened, both in terms of the anarchist movement, and the systems of domination and power.

As our guest states at the start of our discussion, we live in an age where autonomous disaster relief has become “the new food not bombs,” as the crisis all around us deepens. And while Trump has done much to damage the ‘nationalist’ brand, our guest warns us that we should also be prepared for the emergence of Trumpism 2.0, as far-Right populism across the world attempts to present itself as a viable alternative to neoliberalism, and social democracy does the same.

Moreover, we discuss how once again we are entering a period in which a wave of revolts and insurrections across the world are poised to pop off, a reality foreshadowed by the emergence of mass revolts in Haiti, France, and beyond. But if we want to avoid the tail end of what happened after the end of the last cycle: bloody civil war, then we are going to have to hone our ideas, infrastructure, and networks – all the while articulating a clear anarchist proposal for broad social change, our guest argues.

While not making any predictions, our guest mentions how often the third year of any presidency is generally the most chaotic, and we must prepare ourselves for the very real possibility of mass collective action, as things continue to break apart.

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