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Oct 20, 21

This Is America #150: University Occupations Spread; Daniel Baker Gets 3.5 Years for Facebook Posts

photo: @ChuckModi1

Welcome, to This Is America, October 20th, 2021.

On today’s episode, we speak with attorney Brad Thomson about the case of anarchist and antifascist, Dan Baker, who was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison in Florida, after posting calls to social media for counter-demonstrations against the far-Right, directly after the attempted January 6th pro-Trump storming of the DC capitol. We discuss how the state utilized fear of anarchists, antifascists, and Baker’s background of volunteering with the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the fight against ISIS in the autonomous region of Rojava, in order to paint him as a monster and dangerous to the public at large.

We then switch to our discussion, where we unpack the latest bombshells from whistleblowers at Facebook. All this and more, but first, let’s get to the news!

Living and Fighting

In Portland, over 100 people took to the streets to remember and celebrate the life of anarchist Sean “Armeanio” Kealiher, who was killed in a hit and run two years ago.

There are occupations happening at two HBCUs. At Howard University, students have maintained a sit-in an autonomous occupation over housing conditions, while in Atlanta, another occupation has been launched demanding administrators address basic conditions. According to Yahoo News:

Tensions at Howard University reached a boiling point this week as students staged a sit-in over housing conditions they say are so bad that some students have gotten sick, while others have been forced to stay on the streets. The complaints made by students run the gamut from mold infestations, rats and insects running amuck, to safety concerns, with students questioning why they pay nearly $50,000 a year for such “unlivable” conditions.

As Newsone reported:

On Monday, Atlanta University Center students launched an occupation of the Clark Atlanta University Promenade, demanding their respective administrations address basic living conditions.

Students at Howard are standing firm, stating:

“This is a clear and concise message from the Blackburn Takeover Family to administration; we will not be leaving this building until our demands are met,” one student said. “So, the sooner you come to that realization, the sooner we can get the f*ck out.” 

Also in Atlanta, protests have begun against construction of the “Cop City,” project. According to Defend the Atlanta forest:

Yesterday’s demonstration was a success! No construction occurred despite [p]olice mobilizing 20+ vehicles in the vicinity of the forest. Pressure must continue in a variety of ways to halt all construction. NoCopCity! Today the Atlanta Forest was defended. What can you do to stop construction at cop city?

In so-called British Columbia, the repression continues at the Fairy Creek Blockade, as the courts have given a green light to another injunction against forest defense. Check the Fairy Creek Blockade on Instagram for daily updates.

In DC, people to to the streets of Antwan Gilmore, a man that was shot by police while sleeping in his car.

Support eco-defense prisoner Jessica Reznicek by ordering a new benefit shirt here.

Families and supporters of ICE detainees locked inside of Hudson County Correctional in so-called New Jersey, shut down streets and entrances to the facility, calling for detainees immediate release.

Massive protests rocked Puerto Rico last weekend, against continued US colonization and the privatization of the island’s energy grid.

Line 5 protesters shut down oil production at one site, using tools to literally turn off the flow of oil.

Lastly, anger is growing among rank-n-file workers in the film and television industry and at streaming giants, as wildcat walkouts are called and many are pushing for a rejection of the latest contract proposal. Meanwhile, 10,000 John Deere workers walked out against the wishes of union leaders, kicking off a massive strike. Back in Hollywood, on Wednesday, Netflix workers participated in a walkout against the streaming service in the wake of corporate’s doubling down in support of Dave Chappelle’s anti-trans comments.

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