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Jan 26, 22

This Is America #158: Hunger Strike at Santa Rita Jail; Police Attack Encampment in Boise; Update on Resistance at Winnemucca

Welcome, to This Is America, January 27th, 2022.

We have a jam packed episode for you this week. First up, we have a special interview with an inmate on hunger strike at the Santa Rita jail in the bay area of California. The strike kicked off earlier this month over rising commissary food prices. We talk about the hunger strike and the tension that led to it and the State’s attempt to bury news of the action. For more information and ways to support, check out Santa Rita Jail Solidarity.

We then present a short update on an ongoing protest encampment in so-called Boise, Idaho, where members of the houseless community have launched a tent-city to demand access to housing and an end to police harassment. In recent days, police have launched attacks on the encampment, taking blankets, sleeping bags, and heaters – even from young children.

We then turn to an update from the Winnemucca Indian Colony, where land defenders continue to resist attempted evictions of elders on Native land. We discuss what has happened since we last spoke and how people can support the struggle. To follow the struggle, go here and here.

We then turn to our discussion, where we offer up an analysis the latest news on the January 6th commission, the midterms, and beyond.

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photo: Boise Mutual Aid

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