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Jan 5, 19

This Is America #50: Defend the Territory

Welcome, to This Is America, January 5th, 2018.

This is jam packed show today. We have three interviews as well as a discussion on the headlines. In this episode we talk first with Molly Wickham of the Gidimt’en Clan, which is part of the grassroots efforts of the Wet’suwet’en people to support the Unisto’ot’en Camp, which is resisting the construction of pipelines in their unceded territories.

Next, we talk with three people that were in Tijuana during the tear gas attack at the border led by Border Patrol and National Guard soldiers against unarmed asylum seekers. They discuss the conditions of the people living in the refugee camps as well as the “system” that is in place that is supposed to allow refugees a chance to apply for asylum in the United States. We also talk about how both the US and the Mexican government is doing everything possible to break up the migrant encampments and remove them from Tijuana.

Some of the various forms of tear-gas canisters that were fired at those attempting to request asylum in Tijuana. VIA – Front Range Mutual Aid Network

Lastly, we talk to someone in Tornillo, Texas, who is part of the ongoing protest encampment that was formed before Christmas time outside of the infamous detention center housing thousands of children, as well as the New Year’s Eve blockade that took place. We talk about how Trump’s policy of child separation never really ended, as now thousands of children are stuck within a crippled bureaucracy while their parents are already deported.

But first, a few major updates:

  • Although the situation is still unfolding, riot police in Mexico are moving against a warehouse space named Benito Juarez. Many of those inside have been removed, but some have remained, along with some autonomous volunteers from the US. People are being encouraged to call Mexican consulates to demand that the raid stop, and to let the Mexican state know that people are watching the situation unfold.

  • Mumia’s case is going forward, as it looks like he may be able to make some major moves in court as he recently has won an appeal. Be sure to stay up on news of call-in campaigns and demonstrations by following Bring Mumia Home.
  • There is a major antifascist convergence set in Georgia at Stone Mountain on February 2nd against the KKK. See the call out here.
  • Trump’s government shutdown continues to cause chaos, as hundreds of thousands of workers are not being paid and many more are not able to access programs like Food Stamps or receive disaster relief. Raw Story reports that TSA workers have also begun to call-out sick en masse, as other sectors begin talks of a strike.

  • Tiny House Warriors in so-called British Columbia have erected blockades against man-camps and pipeline construction.

  • Students in Portland, Oregon held a walk-out against police in schools.
  • The Zapatistas recently celebrated 25 years of resistance and autonomy in Chiapas, Mexico. Movement leaders also stated that they were going to reaffirm resistance in the new year against the new President, and his plans to carry out massive resource extraction projects.

  • In Philadelphia, IWW members joined nurses on a picket line as they protested against staffing levels.

Children paint a banner in solidarity with the Unisto’ot’en Camp at the base of a tree sit fighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

  • Lastly in the Appalachian territory, around 50 supporters of the tree sits fighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline rallied to give food to the tree sitters and to celebrate a new year of resistance.

That is gonna do it for us today, we will see you next week!

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