This Is America #51: Trump’s Real and Fake Crisis


Welcome, to This Is America, January 10th, 2018.

In this episode, we talk with Franklin Lopez of sub.Media about the recent wave of action that has broken out in solidarity with the Unisto’ot’en Camp, after a violent raid by the RCMP, which we have been covering on It’s Going Down. Over the past few days, we’ve watched as tens of thousands of people have taken the streets; shutting down government buildings, ports of commerce, and highways across the country – bringing to a halt some of the biggest infrastructure hubs in the country.

After the interview, we then enter into an important discussion about the government shutdown which is now about to hit its third week, what is means for poor and working class people who may see safety net programs like food stamps completely slashed, the ramifications of those working federal jobs and who will now be going without a paycheck, the push by Trump and the GOP to manufacture a fake crisis at the border, and the context this puts anarchists and autonomous anti-capitalists pushing for self-organized actions of solidarity and mutual aid on #J20 and beyond.

Enjoy the interview and the discussion and we will see you soon!

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