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Jun 12, 18

This Is America #7: June 11th, G-7, Patriot Prayer Flops

Welcome to This Is America, June 11th, 2018.

Trump that Regime

G-7 talks collapsed as Trump left the summit early, avoiding the talks specifically on climate change and in the face of escalating calls on all sides for trade war between countries. In response, Canada said that it would maintain its $16 billion in retaliatory tariffs, while Trump stated that he “will not allow other countries” to impose them. Not since the summits began in 1975, have the elites failed to agree.

Meanwhile, outside the summit, new police tactics sought to turn the protests into an tightly police and monitored parade, which organizers having to submit an ‘itinerary to police for their approval well in advance. Protesters were funneled in between riot police as surveillance helicopters flew over had.

The escalation of trade war finds support among sections of the media and some Democrats, and shows the growing instability of global capitalism and its managerial class, as well as the open tensions between the elites that could lead to open war and negative affects of millions of workers.

In immigration news, US government officials have confirmed the first suicide by a refugee father who was forcibly separated from his wife and son under the new “zero tolerance” order issued by President Donald Trump last month. The US will also be moving over 1,600 migrants and asylum seeks into federal prisons, which will be the first large scale transfer under the new “zero tolerance” policy. One report wrote:

Under the new “zero tolerance” policy, all such distinctions have been erased. All undocumented migrants, regardless of circumstances, are treated as “criminals,” and are being subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment, including mass trials, summary sentencing and forced separation of parents from children.

On Facebook, the May 1st Anarchist Alliance went on to write:

Sessions overturns ruling and says women and other victims of domestic violence can no longer seek asylum in the U.S. and will be returned to the abuse they were and are fleeing. The U.S. government now is complicit in enabling this abuse and failing to provide sanctuary from abuse, as well as in tearing children away from their parents when families seek to enter the U.S. The continuing and deepening attacks on asylum seekers, families seeking to enter the country, medicaid recipients, residents of subsidized housing and many more of the poorest and most vulnerable sections of the population shows a government and a ruling class and a system of naked and systematic brutality. It must be ended.

June 11th Message from Miguel Peralta

As today is June 11th, an international day in solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners, and there are events happening across the US as well as people writing to their prison pen-pals, we wanted to take this time to play a recorded statement from Mexican anarchist political prisoner, Miguel Peralta, which address the anarchist movement on June 11th.

The statement reads:

Greetings to all of the comrades who receive these sincere words.

It’s not easy to say these two vast words: LONG-TERM SENTENCE. When we already know that their justice and carceral systems are worth nothing. The judicial apparatus and the criminals hide their faces behind the scales of justice, they distort and file documents in order to imprison the comrades who struggle against the establishment. They are hungry for flesh.

Similarly, it is difficult to adapt to isolation. We cannot allow ourselves to watch the days, months, and years pass on the calendar, while we endure the humiliation. We must fight the fear that prison generates and the sicknesses that we acquire here on a daily basis. We cannot stop searching for alternatives and improvising resistance as if we don’t have “the boot to our neck”. This is also a difficult task.

Long and enduring resistance could be the answer to these impositions, long and enduring struggle. Although it robs us of our energy, I think that our spirit will resist and keep beating like our enraged hearts, longing to walk, FREE!! One day we will manage to snatch back the days and nights that they have robbed from us, comrades.

Freedom to the Prisoners!

Down with the Prison Walls!

San Juan Bautista Cuicatlán, Oaxaca

Thanks to everyone that took part in our June 11th fundraiser for Miguel. We sold three hammocks that were made by Miguel in prison, and the money after shipping will go directly into Miguel’s commissary.

Also, after almost 5 year, Mexican anarchist political prisoner Fernando Barcenas is free!

A Day After Joey Gibson’s Goons Attacked Someone on the Streets, He Has Embarrassing Showing in Kent, Washington

According to Rose City Antifa:

Today at approx 2:20 PM at the corner of NE Broadway & 13th in PDX, Proud Boys Donovon Flippo and “Tiny” John Toese, after yelling pro-Trump harassment at passers-by, jumped out of Proud Boy Russell Schultz’s Black Dodge Ram pickup and assaulted a bystander.

This attack continues a pattern based on a similar incident which took place on May 11, at the Vancouver Mall where Toese and Flippo also jumped out of Flippo’s White Chevy Avalanche to assault a number of youth after verbally harassing them with pro-Trump rhetoric.

Another person commented on the attack on Twitter:

For the last year has been bringing his violent gang into Portland holding rallies where his crew dressed in helmets and battle gear to attack anyone that protests their hate. They have attacked events such as PRIDE. Have thrown smoke grenades at peoples homes.

Patriot Prayers gang does not take losses well, their are declining and they are near the end. While we as a community outnumbered them 3,000 to 300 last June. We will need the community to gather once more, and say no to these fascist thugs that bring violence to our streets.

Joey’s rally outside of a vacant Planned Parenthood also turned to be a flop. One person on Twitter wrote:

Today Joey Gibson rallied a whole 20 people for a “defund planned parenthood” rally. Dumb motherf-r couldn’t even put a speech together. Meanwhile the community rallied over 100 folks from , FSP, Seattle Clinic Defense, and the labor movement showed up, and surrounded his pathetic rally on 3 sides. They had to hide in a “free speech zone” protected by hundreds of cops and stood around aimlessly in the hot sun until it was time to drive 2 hrs back to Vancouver.

Not to be outdone, Joey has called for yet another rally on June 30th. In response, antifascist groups have made a call to oppose Patriot Prayer and their racist Proud Boys. Event info here.

Charlottesville takes to the Streets and Faces Arrests in Support of Corey Long

On the evening of August 8th, people took to the streets of Charlottesville in support of Corey Long. Solidarity Cville reported:

AT LEAST 7 PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ARRESTED ON MARKET ST AT EMANICPATION PARK DEMANDING JUSTICE FOR COREY LONG. They have locked the door to the magistrates office. Courts and the klan go hand in hand.

One of those arrested, was one of the people that was hit and injured by neo-Nazi James Alex Fields, Jr., and has since been placed in a wheelchair. Solidarity Cville wrote:

She’s chanting “Corey Long did nothing wrong” as they load her in and drive her away, as we stand in the shadow of the Lee statue, blocks away from 4th and Water where Fields ran her over.

Living and Fighting

  • Banner drop in solidarity with Corey Long in Charlottesville.

  • Street parities and riots broke out across the bay area in celebration of the Warriors win.

  • People held it down at the NYC Anarchist Bookfair.

  • Philly PRIDE was reclaimed from an ecocidal company, EQT.

  • From Burgerville Workers Union:

Burgerville is at it again! Our coworker Matt, at the 82nd & Glisan location, was suspended last week —for dropping a headset. What management won’t acknowledge is that Matt dropped his headset in frustration because it was broken. Whatever the case, this type of extreme discipline is unacceptable as a first response to workers problems and we will not stand for it.

We fear that Burgerville will fire our coworker Matt this Monday afternoon, and we must be prepared to demonstrate that we won’t accept unjust firings in our workplace! Please save the date for a public action at the 82nd & Glisan Burgerville this Thursday, details to be announced. We need the community to show Burgerville that they are watching this closely. Call in now if you haven’t already! His disciplinary meeting is at 3:30pm on Monday so don’t delay!

Burgerville Home Office: 1-888-827-8369

¡No están solas! (You are not alone!) thundering off the walls of the detention center. #AbolishICE#ChingaLaMigra#WhereAreTheChildren#WhereAreTheParents#FuckTrump

Natalie Hamilton Kelly 发布于 2018年6月9日周六

  • Ramsey Orta, who filmed the police murder of Eric Garner, is still getting harassed inside. His support site writes:

Ramsey has lost his privileges til the 25th. He’s getting harassed by CO’s and is worried he won’t be making it home on time.

We’re doing our best to support him. If you haven’t, consider donating to Ramsey using his Paypal [email protected]

You can also write or send books to 
Ramsey Orta, 16A4200
Altona Correctional
PO Box 3000
Altona, NY 12910

  • In DC, local Wobblies wrote:

Members of the DC IWW and DSA were out earlier this morning to show solidarity with workers who are having their right to unionize denied. The workers organizing with LiUNA are mostly immigrants with disabilities who have been on strike for weeks protesting their low wages and outrageous healthcare costs. They will be out tomorrow morning at 8am as well.

Tenants are fighting back against their landlord, Timbercreek, who wants to evict hundreds of poor families, demolish their homes, and build luxury apartments in their place. Jam the landlord’s phone lines tomorrow in support. More info here.

  • Lastly, indigenous resistance to the Trans mountain pipeline is making the project “untenable.” As one article wrote:

Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is a high-risk investment for Canada and any future financial backers because it runs through unceded Indigenous lands, says one economist.

One economic researcher says the Texas oil giant Kinder Morgan’s April decision to suspend non-essential spending and the federal government’s subsequent nationalization of the controversial project are either ignorant to, or minimize, legal and financial risks that make the project “completely untenable.”

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