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Jun 17, 19

This Week in Fascism #14: The Alt-Right Will Never Be Anti-Capitalist

Welcome, fellow anti-fascists! This week, we’ve got an explainer on how the Alt-Right will never be anti-capitalist, Proud Boys getting milkshaked at New Orleans Pride, a longtime Houston white nationalist organizer exposed, and how you can help get a Proud Boy fired. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Explainer: Why the Alt-Right and National “Socialism” Isn’t and Will Never Be Anti-Capitalist

The Alt-Right has always been, on the surface, “critical” of capitalism; albeit only when it stops being a system that solidifies white supremacy and instead becomes a force which brings working and poor people together in the face of it.

For instance, on the Daily Stormer’s explainer to the Alt-Right, it stated that the majority of the movement would embrace a “market socialist” system, similar to that of social democratic countries such as Sweden. Even those associated with more Libertarian currents such as the Proud Boys, like Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, have attacked “crony capitalism” and “usury.”

Within National Socialist and neo-Nazi circles today itself, the ideas of Gregor Strasser are again gaining a small amount of traction, mainly after promotion from people like Matthew Heimbach, who continues to fly the flag of “third positionism,” claiming to go “beyond capitalism and communism.”

Others are simply opportunists, like Richard Spencer, who in classic gifting form, follow trends, such as attempting to embrace “progressivism,” DNC candidates like Andrew Yang, and policies such as Universal Basic Income. Even watered down white nationalist pundits like Tucker Carlson attack automation and “elites,” while also calling out the “Libertarian” and pro-capitalist wings of the Republican party for abandoning (white) workers.

To those unfamiliar with both the history and the actual politics promoted by these groups, it would appear that there is a growing anti-capitalist sentiment building with the Alt-Right. But in reality, like past fascist movements, the Alt-Right believes that the problem with capitalism is that simply: the wrong people are running it. That capitalism must be taken out of the hands of the capitalists and made to work in the service of the Nation. This has nothing to do with opposition to capitalist social relations and everything to do with building a fascist society where capitalism is restructured around new lines of domination.

There is good reason for this. Currently, with the near across the board rejection of Trumpism by not only the majority of the population but especially young people and growing bodies of blue collar workers, the Alt-Right is attempting to follow the sentiments of several generations who have been left behind, forgotten, and ground down by neoliberalism. The end result is an Alt-Right which increasingly claims to embrace “Left” economic policies.

This is far from new however. The 20th-century American fascist Francis Parker Yockey and author of Imperium once called the possible coming together of socialist and National Socialist forces the “Red-Brown Alliance” – based on their shared idea of a state-controlled economy.

In Germany in the 1920s and 30s, as the Nazi party began to organize itself and solidify its leadership, a current often opposed to Hilter, headed by Gregor Strasser, embraced a more left-wing approach to National Socialism. While Strasser himself was murdered by Hitler loyalists during the “Night of the Long Knives,” some within the party (such as Geobbels, once a follower of Strasser) remained stead-fast “socialists,” believing that the Nazi regime would liberate Aryan workers through the triumph of a new regime. As he once wrote:

Capitalism is the immoral distribution of capital… Germany will become free at that moment when the thirty millions on the left and the thirty millions on the right make common cause. Only one movement is capable of doing this: National Socialism, embodied in one Führer – Adolf Hitler.

It should be noted however that both Strasserism, National Socialism, and also the “progressive” white nationalism promoted by people like Richard Spencer – are all in themselves not anti-capitalist at all. All still embrace the State, the existence of a class divided society, private ownership of the means of production, and wage labor. This is why historically fascist movements have always relied on the backing of conservative sections of big business and corporate power; especially those who have counted on fascist and far-Right movements to attack rebellious proletarian movements that are actually seeking to destroy capitalist social relations.

Today, many neo-Nazi groups, like the National Socialist Movement (NSM), also call for the re-organization of worker representation in society, but never the abolition of class relations which create such division in the first place. For instance, in the NSM’s “25 Points of a National Socialist America,” they call for labor unions to be replaced by State run organizations. From the NSM website:

All workers shall be organized in a national union. This worker union shall give a unified and powerful voice for workers. This union shall work in cooperation with the owners of the business to provide a mutually beneficial relationship for both labor and capital while securing good working conditions for employees and above all, a just economy.

This in itself is a key concept at the heart of the national “socialist” groups: they are opposed to class struggle, what they want ultimately is each economic class working together “in harmony” for “the nation.” This mirrors their patriarchal view that each gender should know its role and produce new children who will in turn, serve the nation. As Matthew Heimbach wrote:

A Traditionalist works towards class collaboration, not class warfare. A society in which initiative and hard work isn’t rewarded will lead to the economy of the post-war Soviet Union where people do the bare minimum to survive, never rising to their full potential to themselves, their families and the nation as a whole.

In many ways, this glorifying of the working class on one hand, yet solidifying its subservient role through massive amounts of State violence on the other, mirrors that of Stalinism. Yet nothing within any of these positions is actually anti-capitalist.

To oppose capitalism means that we oppose the State which defends and enforces the ownership and control by an elite class over the means of existence. It means we abolish both class society which divides us into order givers and takers, owners and workers, as well as our own class positions – not solidify them under some new regime that supposedly “represents us,” as if the current one doesn’t claim to do so. It also means destroying the separations and alienation created through a world in which workers toil and then receive wages and credit to buy back that which they have already produced.

A society that rejects capitalism doesn’t look like one in which the Spectacle of the worker as a happy consumer, exalted at the world of endless technological innovation for their excitement and entertainment is replaced by one that celebrates the sacrifice and hard work of the laborer for the State and the “mother land.” Instead it looks like one in which we all have access to the means to live a life worth living and we can, as both individuals and as communities, create and shape our lives into ones where we find true meaning, fulfillment, and wonder.

As things continue to break down in the face of the growing crisis, both the fascist Alt-Right and social democracy will claim that control over capitalism must be placed into new hands. But the solution to the problems we face lies in the destruction of such a system, not in finding new management.


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

YourBoris exposed Mick Layden, a Houston, Texas employee of KBR Incorporated, as a member of the Proud Boys, an SPLC-designated hate group.

As recounted in a recent reportback for It’s Going Down, Layden was one of three Proud Boys in New Orleans last weekend, harassing Pride attendees. The Three Proud Boys were promptly milkshaked and then got their asses kicked.

KBR Incorporated is a Department of Defense contractor, so Layden likely holds a security clearance to work there. If you would like to inform them of Layden’s hate group ties, you can call 713-753-3011.

Panic! in the Discord released a full dossier on Sarah Dye, aka Volkmom. Dye was first exposed two weeks ago by the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement.

Heresy Labs exposed Alexander Halac, of Reston, Virginia, as a musician in the Nazi metal bands Gelal Necrosodomy and Arghoslent.

Halac is the co-owner of Il Bastone Gourmet Foods and El Facon, which sells Argentine-style sausage and empanadas.


After doxxing Houston Goylers organizer Paul Preston, antifascists staged a protest outside his home in Houston, Texas. A large banner read “Fuck Racists: Smash White Supremacy” as protesters paraded outside Preston’s home.

When dealing with leadership figures, and people who are less vulnerable to doxxing due to their occupations, we think a home demo can be an effective alternative when enough precautions and preparations are made,” concluded the Screwston Antifascist Committee.

Call to Action

Call KBR Incorporated in Houston, Texas, and inform them of their Proud Boy employee, Mick Layden.

As recounted in a recent reportback for It’s Going Down, Layden was one of three Proud Boys in New Orleans last weekend, harassing Pride attendees.

KBR Incorporated is a Department of Defense contractor, so Layden likely holds a security clearance to work there. If you would like to inform them of Layden’s hate group ties, you can call 713-753-3011. You can also tweet them at @KBRincorporated or email them using their online contact form here.


Dear KBR Incorporated–

I’m writing to let you know that one of your employees, Mick Layden, is a member of the Proud Boys, an SPLC-designated hate group. Leaked chats from the Proud Boys recently showed members planning a violent rally in Providence, Rhode Island.

As you’re a Department of Defense contractor who often deals with sensitive subjects, it’s probably a bad idea to have a member of a violent hate group working for you.

Layden himself was recently involved in attempting to intimidate LGBTQIA people at the New Orleans Pride Parade, and if you continue to employ him, he may attempt the same at your company.

Thank you for your time.


[Your name]

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