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Jul 8, 19

This Week in Fascism #17: The Doxx Is Coming From Inside the Chat

Welcome, fellow antifascists! This week, you’ll notice a change in the column— there’s no Explainer.


Because we’re going to spin that off into its own semi-regular feature. Two reasons— this will allow us to cover the context of fascist organizing as it comes up, without being tied to a weekly schedule. The second is that the length of this column— originally intended to be a concise, breezy roundup of the week’s events— was getting unwieldy. We want to we respect our readers’ time, and keep this tight.

And with that said, let’s begin!


COS Anti-Fascists Infiltrate AmIM, Livetweet Private Voicechat

Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists livetweeted a members-only voicechat from American Identity Movement leader Patrick Casey. AmIM is the recent rebrand of white nationalist group Identity Evropa. Highlights included Patrick Casey claiming that “For most of IE’s history, we had minimal-to-no doxxes.”

In March 2019, a coast-to-coast network of anti-fascists debuted Identify Evropa, a project that would dox more than 100 of the most active Identity Evropa members.

Upon being alerted to COS Antifa livetweeting the talk, Casey stated that, “There does appear to be a recent infiltration,” before abruptly ending the call.

More in the Deplatforms section, below.

Forced to Choose Between Omar Navarro and Cocaine, Proud Boys Reaffirm Alliance with Cocaine

Omar Navarro, a GOP candidate who challenged Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) in the 2018 election, tweeted “I denounce the proud boys as of today. @DeAnneTLorraine used the proud boys to threaten my life with eminent danger because I said I would expose the cocaine use including hers.”

The far-Right political candidate had formerly enjoyed a cozy relationship with the hate group, agreeing to appear alongside them at the Alt-Lite Free Speech Rally held in Washington, DC, this weekend.

Antifascists are encouraged to watch this infighting unfold, as surely both sides are going to be droppings lots of personal and internal drama, beef, and info on each other in an effort to make the other side look back.


COS Anti-Fascists Identifies Patriot Front Member Samuel Cordova

Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists identified Samuel Cordova, of Lakewood, CO, as a member of Patriot Front this week.

Cordova targeted queer-friendly businesses with flyers, and was chased away after attempting to spray paint a window during a Drag Queen Storytime Hour hosted by BookBar in Denver, CO.

Cordova is currently a student at Metropolitan State University of Denver. If you would like to Braelin Pantel, the Dean of Students, her email is [email protected] and her office’s phone number 301-615-0220. Additionally, Kelli Frank, the Director for Behavioral Intervention and Student Conduct, can be reached at [email protected].

Philly Proud Boys Sgt-at-Arms, Aaron Wolkind, Doxxed

Philadelphia Proud Boy Aaron Wolkind was exposed by the researchers behind this week as part of the group that showed up at researcher Gwen Snyder’s house at midnight last Saturday to threaten her.

Aaron Wolkind was part of that group. He serves as the Philly Proud Boys’ Sergeant-at-Arms, and works at Aerzen USA in Coatesville, PA.

You can tweet to them at @AerzenUSA and @AezenMachines or call them at 610-380-0244.


Roosh V. Kicked Off Square

Roosh V., a former pickup artist with long associations on the Alt-Right, had his Square account cancelled after a pressure campaign by antifascists. He had been using the payment-processing company to fund his new east coast tour, where he discussed his recent conversion to Christianity. An antifascist activist attended the talk, and sent us this report:

Here’s what Roosh talked about, aside from prior sexual conquests in eastern Europe and the Balkans, and an ex-girlfriend who cheated on him:

After taking more psychedelic mushrooms than he probably should have (1.8 grams, times two / an eight of an ounce), Roosh curled himself up into a ball and went to what he called “the Source.”  Much research led him to liken it to a near death experience. [Many people have this “ego death” experience while on psychedelics, few start cults around it. -ed.]

While in that space, he realized that the body is ephemeral but the soul is eternal.  He says that god created the earth so our soul would have a place to be while we’re alive.

After his experience Roosh started praying, and says he would see the answers coming to him from other people. He finished the talk by saying he’s no longer afraid of death, which in a room full of incels is a chilling thought.

All in all, it was very hot and sweaty, with about 100 men packed into a basement conference room. Roosh tried to hypnotize me with his eyes at one point. I skipped the Q&A, and the Sunday happy hour event. Lots of fashies were there. Roosh was annoyed that he was in NYC on Pride weekend.

American Identity Movement Action Cancelled, Group Kicked from Venmo

The American Identity Movement cancelled their planned DC action, which was meant to be a repeat of their April 2019 action, when a small group of them stormed a talk by Jonathan Metzl at Washington, DC’s Politics and Prose bookstore. Instead, they organized a “stand around with flags” rally, where about 17 AmIM members held flags while Patrick Casey ranted about “the Great Replacement” in Alexandria, Virginia.

In a private voicechat live-tweeted by Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists [CHK], AmIM leader Patrick Casey cited low turnout for his “meetup,” which was him charging members $60 to stay at the home he shares with AmIM second-in-command Matthew Warner.

As Unicorn Riot noted last week, the group had its Venmo account shut down after inquires from the independent media outlet.

‘Demand Free Speech’ Flops, Many Speakers No-Shows

Media outlets estimated 150-200 attendees at the Free Speech Rally featuring Alt-Lite grifters and conspiracy luminaries such as Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Laura Loomer, among others. Held just days following Trump’s July 4th military parade, Loomer complained about the lack of attendance, blaming antifascists for the low turnout. The antifascist counter-demonstration brought out over 600 people, who enjoyed Go-Go music, speakers, and more.

On top of a poor turnout and bad media coverage which focused on the Proud Boys, their close relationship with the police, and their attacks on protesters outside the White House who burned a flag, several people scheduled to speak at the event never showed, including Roger Stone, Jacob Wohl, Omar Navarro, Mike Cernovich, and Jack Posobiec.


Lehigh Valley Anti-Fascists Coverup Nazi Tags, Make Mural

Lehigh Valley Anti-Fascists covered neo-Nazi graffiti featuring swastikas, “1488,” and SS lightning bolts with two murals. One reads “LV Anti-Fascist” and the other says “No Human is Illegal.”

Tan Torino Milkshaked

Irish far-right YouTube personality Rowan “Tan Torino” Croft was milkshaked in Carrick-on-Shannon, Ireland, this week, following a comment expressing his support for the recent string of arsons targeting Direct Provision centers providing aid to immigrants.

Never Again Action Leads Nationwide Anti-ICE Protests

Never Again Action, a Jewish group opposing the treatment of migrants in the United States, continued its nationwide string of anti-ICE protests with an event in Philadelphia, PA. Hundreds of people showed up to oppose the use of concentration camps in the United States.

Call to Action

Share the New Philly Proud Boy Doxxes

Share the new Philly Proud Boys doxxes!

Antifascist researchers in Philadelphia have launched a new site, The Philadelphia Proud Boys are making threatening, late-night visits to researchers and activists in the area, and you can help show them that kind of hate isn’t tolerated in the City of Brotherly Love.

For your action this week, share a link to a new site with the names, photos, and rank of the Philadelphia Proud Boys:

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