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Aug 12, 19

This Week in Fascism #22: Love the South, Hate the Fash

Welcome, fellow antifascists! This week, we’ve got doxxes of The Base, Atomwaffen, a Proud Boy, and an InfoWars activist who showed up with a gun at a migrant aid center; multiple Proud Boys being fired, Faith Goldy deplatforming herself; and a very special reportback from the recent League of South conference in Lake City, Florida.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Far-Right Shooting in Norway

A woman was killed in a shooting linked to the far-right in Norway this week. The attacker was overpowered after wounding one other person.

The shooter posted a manifesto to Endchan, an 8chan clone, stating that he had been inspired by the Christchurch massacre, referring to the Christchurch attacker as “Saint Tarrant,” as is common in far-Right circles of stochastic terrorism.

Dayton Shooter’s Misogyny Blamed for Attack

ABC News reported this week that the Dayton shooter who killed nine people on August 4th, “demonstrated a misogyny far more extreme than any of his political leanings.”

This follows a full week of far-Right grifters and conspiracy theorists attempting to claim that the tragedy was an act of violence by an ‘ANTIFA’ who was radicalized by far-Left media figures and activists.

Atomwaffen Member Arrested

Conor Climo, a former Army engineer and member of neo-Nazi Atomwaffen, was arrested this week in Las Vegas after being caught with bomb-making materials. Climo was employed as a security guard by Allied Universal.

As reported by journalist Nate Thayer, he planned to target a local synagogue and had scouted a bar that he believed was frequented by members of the LGBTQ community.


Monday, August 5, 2019: Neo-Nazi Gather at ‘The Base’ for Paramilitary Training

While members of neo-Nazi organization The Base are planning a paramilitary training in Spokane, Washington this month, Eugene Antifa released doxxes of Base members.

It is believed that Base leader “Norman Spear” has purchased land near Chewelah or Coville, Washington to conduct the training.

Atomwaffen Member Roger Rowe Exposed

Long Beach Antifa doxxed Roger Rowe, a neo-Nazi who posted propaganda for the Atomwaffen Division on his Facebook page. Rowe is a former Army ordinance officer.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

AntiFash Gordon identified Vito Russo, a member of the Proud Boys in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Russo is employed at the Ford Sterling Axle Plant in Sterling, Michigan.

Armed InfoWars Activist Tries to Force His Way into Migrant Aid Center

Screwston Antifascist Committee unveiled a new article about Thomas Bartram, an InfoWars activist who arrived armed at Casa Carmelita, a collective running a sanctuary space and legal center for migrants in El Paso.

Days after Latinx people were specifically targeted in a mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart, Bartram arrived at Casa Carmelita armed with a gun in a truck emblazoned with a decal depicting Trump as Rambo and attempted to enter the building. He was briefly detained by police and released without charge.

If you would like to donate to Casa Carmelita, they are currently running a GoFundMe to launch a community space.


Proud Boy Fired

Proud Boy Daniel Lyons Scott was fired by Boeing this week, after a pressure campaign from activists. Scott is also associated with Operation: Cold Front, headed by Patriot Prayer associate Haley Adams.

Faith Goldy Deplatforms…Herself

White nationalist Faith Goldy recently deplatformed herself from Twitter, saying in her Telegram channel that her account on the social media site was “getting in the way of my gardening and Rosaries.”

In 2018, Goldy ran for Mayor of Toronto and received 3.4% of the vote. In December 2018, she was ordered to pay over $43,000 in legal fees to a Toronto television she had sued for refusing to run her campaign ads.

Advertisers Drop Tucker Carlson

Following a pressure campaign from activists, multiple advertisers announced that they would no longer be advertising on Tucker Carlson’s show after the Fox News host claimed that white supremacy was a “hoax” in the wake of the El Paso shooting, for which the shooter left behind a manifesto noting that he was specifically targeting Latinx people.

Meal-in-a-box startup Hello Fresh announced that they would no longer advertise on Carlson’s show, followed by multinational conglomerate food company Nestle and fast food chain Long John Silver’s.

White Nationalist State Department Official Suspended

Matthew Gebert, a State Department official with a security clearance, has been suspended following an investigation by the Southern Poverty Law Center outing him as leading a local meetup group centered around The Right Stuff, a neo-Nazi podcast network.

Gebert posted on The Right Stuff forums that he had become a white nationalist in 2015, two years after beginning work at the State Department. He also appeared as a guest on The Fatherland, a podcast hosted by the TRS network.

In July 2018, Gebert was exposed by Sludge reporter Alex Kotch as a donor to the campaign of white supremacist Paul Nehlen during his 2018 GOP Congressional primary campaign in Wisconsin.

Nehlen frequently calls for more mass shootings in his Telegram channel. In May 2019, Nehlen wrote to his Telegram subscribers, “We must Saint every shooter, every willing participant who balls up their first and unleashes a torrent of punishment upon the n******, k****, and h***** that dare to fuck with the White race.”

Modesto Straight Pride Permit Denied, Kinda

Modesto, California denied a rally permit for a “straight pride” rally in the city on August 24, after the group’s liability insurance was voided. The City Council has offered to give the group access to another space if it can come up with the insurance to cover the heavy costs of police protection by August 13th.

Don Grundmann, the organizer of the proposed Modesto straight pride rally, tried to assuage any fears of violence at a Friday city council meeting, saying, “We’re a totally peaceful racist group!” Over 100 people showed up outside the meeting to protest the white power ‘Straight Pride’ event.

The event is one of unrelated “straight pride” events this summer. The other event, the Straight Pride Parade, is set for Boston on August 31, and is being organized by activists from Resist Marxism, a far-right group founded by Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman with ties to hate groups like the Proud Boys, American Guard, and Patriot Front.


On August 11, neo-Confederate group League of the South hosted a conference at the Casa Isabel Venue in Lake City, Florida. Though the venue was made aware of the content of the conference prior to August 11, they refused to cancel the contract, stating “The law requires us to honor our contracts…. In the future we will ask for more information before accepting a date on our calendar for any ‘conference.'”

Protesters waved signs and chanted “No hate!” outside the venue prior to the beginning of the conference, and League of the South members were doxxed by flyers pasted around the city. Belle Boyd, one of the LoS organizers, claimed in a Facebook comment that a car was vandalized by having three of its tires slashed, and that “Fuck Nazis” was “carved” into the side of the car.

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